Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back online in Urdorf, Switzerland

We are back online (whew! thank goodness it didn't take 6 weeks... thank you cablecom!) and settled into the new apartment in Urdorf, Switzerland. It's not far outside of Zürich, but it isn't part of Zürich either. It's a dorf, or village, and I have to say that being Spring and all it is unbelievably quaint and beautiful here.

We moved on Monday. Luckily here the Swiss give their employees a moving day, so Jace got the day off and we took a cab with all of our huge bags to the new apartment, just in time to meet the movers. Naturally, we live on the top floor without an elevator, so the movers weren't pleased, but they sighed heavily and within an hour and half had all of our boxes and furniture moved in. They even assembled some of the furniture that they disassembled when they packed it and took away all the boxes. Great service... and not a glass broken or scratch on the furniture. Very impressive for having come across the Atlantic.

After they left, we then proceeded to do what everyone does when they finally get their things after 6 weeks. . . take a nap! ;) In the afternoon we went back to Seefeld to deregister from the Kreisburo so that we could register in Urdorf yesterday. Very important that you do that so that the Swiss can keep track of you.

And now we're pretty much settled... all the computers are hooked up, the tv is finally connected and ready to record all my favorite shows, and I even got some new art of one of my favorite artists, Camilla Engman, in the mail today, so we're ready to decorate too! I've been all around the little dorf and I'll do a posting with some pictures and highlights tomorrow.

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