Monday, May 26, 2008

We're back from the wedding!

We left Friday night to go from Zürich to Illertissen, between Memmingen and Ulm in Germany, to attend our friends', Connie and Peter's, wedding. With luck, we actually got a ride there with one of Jace's coworkers. He was an excellent guide, not only because he grew up in the area but also because he really went out of his way to show us around. He took us via Landau, an incredibly cute and touristy location on the Bodensee. We walked all around and had a coffee on the boardwalk. Lovely little area on the water.

From Landau Insel

Afterwards, we stopped in Berkheim at the Gasthof Ochsen for one of the most amazing meals I've had since we moved to Europe. Actually... scratch that. Ever. One of the most amazing meals ever. It was that good.

We got this plate of Schwabisch specialties to share, including all kinds of delicious meat dishes, no doubt because in addition to being a restaurant they are also a butcher. Here's the before of this 'Riesenteller' (just in case you need to know, that's how you say 'huge plate' in German, I would call that essential German...):

Delicious Schwabisch plate for three at the Gasthof Ochsen

And the after... that's right. Leave the veggies and eat all that delicious Schweinbraten and Kasespaetzli. Lecker, lecker, lecker...

I so wanted to eat up the whole plate... Oh it was delish. Please do stop by the Gasthof Ochsen if you're in the area. You won't be sorry.

We waddled into the hotel around 11pm, and the lovely owner was up waiting for us, keys in hand. We stayed at the Hotel Reiterhof, which I later learned means it is also a boarding stable for horses. Really it was just the quaintest little guesthouse - well decorated, excellent breakfast, great shower, and lovely people managing it. I would go back again if I'm ever in the area - especially for the bargain price of 62 Euros a night.

(All about the wedding tomorrow... Ps. No job yet but some great prospects.)

Hotel Reiterhof in Illertissen, Germany


juanitatortilla said...

The place sounds breathtaking!
And a hotel owner who stayed up? THAT is Hospitality...

Great news about the interview. Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

No-one says lecker, lecker, lecker...


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