Friday, May 16, 2008

What day is it today? Not laundry day...

Now that Jace has a handle on where he's going in the morning and now that he has the Bonus Card (a super reduced yearly train ticket that is subsidized by his company - for 400 or so francs a year he gets unlimited travel within Zürich!), I no longer wake up early to accompany him to the station to translate. Instead, I sleep in and have given into the laziness for which I later repent...

Once I do wake up, my day consists of a mix of job hunting (hence, no job yet but here's the run down: three interviews to date, one offer reneged, one interview next week... keep those fingers crossed), domestic duties, Etsy browsing and learning the lay of the Swiss land... So naturally my days tend to blend into one another, this morning being an excellent example of just that.

(7:15 am...)

Jace: "What day is it?"

Jessica (half asleep, rolling over): "Ehrrrrrr.... What? Huh?"

Jace: "What day is it today? Thursday or Friday?"

Jessica: "It's Thursday."

Jace: "Are you sure?"

Jessica: "Yes, I am sure." (going right back to sleep...)

Jace: "Oh ok."

(9:30 am the mobile rings....I crawl around to find it and get it just in time. I see that it is Jace.)

Jace: "Hey! It is Friday."

Jessica: "What are you talking about?" (having just woken up by the phone call, so sad, I know.)

Jace: "I could have worn jeans today! It is Friday today."

Jessica: "What? It's Thursday... Are you kidding?" (checking the calendar on the computer...) Oh... oh, ok. Yeah, you're right... I guess it is Friday. Huh. Go figure."

And the only thing I could think about was that I missed my stupid washing day. I signed up for Thursday. Doh! Just another intricacy about life in Switzerland. If you aren't one of the few, few lucky ones that has their own washer and dryer, you share them, generally one washer and one dryer for the building, and you sign up for a wash day. Not really a problem if you can remember which day it is! However, if you live in a very traditional apartment, you can't wash on Sundays... let alone do anything that makes you break a sweat (no lawn mowing, car washing, etc...) or even make a noise. Be mindful. Jace loves this. He thinks it's a gift from the Swiss, giving him permission to sit around all Sunday and do nothing. Silly. But, I admit, it is nice and quiet and lots of families are around and about.

Thankfully though, our apartment isn't that strict, and we can sign up for day or evening time laundry slots - even on Sunday! Easy peasy. But here's a few examples of how laundry has been known to cause issues for expats in Switzerland:
Ps. Don't worry about the state of our dirty laundry. I ran down to see if today's slot was still open and I grabbed it! Laundry done... hopefully the building doesn't hate me for appearing to have signed up for two days in a row... stay tuned!


NickV said...

FYI, the Geeks in Zurich link is broken / oddly formatted.

Jessica said...

All fixed! Thanks.

It's a great blog too:


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