Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Would you like to hear from Jace? POST A COMMENT!

So, basically, I have been writing these blog posts for the last month now... and I've been trying to get Jace to write some posts as well so that it's not always so one sided. (I hear that a lot of Jace's Boston friends are reading the blog!!! you'd like to hear from him right???) He's been invited to contribute to the blog, and I've asked him to email me things he wants to post, but to no avail... no Jace on the blog. (I know, sad, sad, sad...)

I've even shown him how many people from various places (Boston, Australia, etc) are viewing the blog. Being an online marketer has its perks - I put Google Analytics on the site! But still, not convincing enough, no Jace.

So, here's the last straw. If you'd like to hear from Jace regularly... or jeez, even once, let's start small, eh, please add a comment to this post! Let's see if we can't convince him to put his blogging cap back on. Thanks in advance for your gentle nudging. ;)


Val said...

Hi Jess/Jace - being so far away really makes my day when I see little snippets in your day. Come on Jace just a word.

Sabatini said...

Jason, I have been waiting for the monkey sequel, maybe this time he is in the Alps. And Jessica, please stop spying on people with those web tools, we all love our anonymity.

Big Sexy said...

Jason, if you don't at least write one paragraph on this blog, I'm going to spam all your myspace music friends stating that you've ripped off and sampled far more material than you ever created. (Totally untrue, but I'll do it just the same!!!)

NickV said...

You don't know me/us... but we'll be in the same boat you are soon... currently living in Boston, moving to Zürich soon. My wife and I want to hear more from both of you.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Nick! We'll be here... and welcome (soon!) to Zurich. I think you'll really like it. We do!


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