Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love Blurb.

I used to keep a diary. I used to write in it and document what I did and what I ate and which boys I liked... usually one hard crush in particular throughout high school. (You know who you are... we all know you wanted me, too. You can give it up now.)

Anyway, especially when I traveled I was a methodical journal writer and photographer, trying to make sure that the experience wasn't quickly forgotten. I wrote like clockwork, every night, and assembled some of the best albums you've ever seen. To this day, they're my prized possessions.

Fast forward to present day- you can forget catching me journal writing. I don't seem to have time for that anymore - it's the pen to paper that I, ashame-ably, can no longer handle. Why write when I can type 1000 x's faster? And have you seen my handwriting lately? I should have been a doctor, I swear.

I still love scrapbooking and album making , but that too in this technological day and age stretches my patience. It's the paper cutting and gluing that's just too much work. And it can get expensive fast with all the tools you need. That's why I love that I've found Blurb.

Blurb is like digital scrapbooking, but way more high tech and cool. Basically, it allows you to create your own book with their free software and order a real book that will be shipped to almost anywhere in the world within 7-10 days- and the best part, you can 'slurp' a blog into a book. So guess what?! This blog can now be an instant scrapbook. I love it.

I've seen other programs, like digital scrapbooking software and such, but Blurb is just way more versatile. You can upload any photos, text, and designs into a Blurb book and using their pre-existing template have a beautifully formatted book in a matter of hours.

I can't wait to make Swisstory into a book!!! Have a go today - I think you're going to love it, too. Let me know if you start a project and what it is - cookbook? photobook? journal? design book? The possibilities are endless...


Bluefish said...

I love scrapbooking too, but it takes too much time and I have to spend a lot of money at the dollar store as well. But it's always great when it's finished.

Silla said...

Hi there, sorry this is a bit random - i just came across your blog thru Dan & Michelle Willis' one (im friends with them)...just wanted to say im stoked that you shared about 'Blurb', sounds like an awesome site! Am goin to go check it out ASAP. I went to America for a 7 week trip over Dec and January and am keen to make a scrapbook :)


Jessica said...

Thanks for the comment, Silla. I think you're going to love Blurb. I find it so easy to use and the fact that it integrates with Blogger is killer.

I am also working on a Christmas present using Blurb - so I can't spill too much, but I think it's really great. And they ship worldwide!


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