Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Birthday in Lucerne, Switzerland

I had a great birthday last Sunday, not only because I had great company, but also because we went to Lucerne or Luzern if you are spelling it the German way. It is about an hour away from Zurich, or about an hour and a half if you go via Wintertur... um, don't ask! But it's ok, Ingo has his new BMW GPS all figured out now! We really enjoyed Lucerne and it is the perfect little touristy paradise, great for a day trip from Zurich.

We arrived around 1 pm and while we were all starving, we quickly walked around the river to the 'downtown' area of Lucerne to grab something to eat. Luckily though, the group humored me while I forced photos on them.

Here is Becca, posing just like I asked her to next to some graffiti along the Reuss River, near Sentimattstrasse.

Ingo, Jace's friend, and Jace

Becca and Emily... "I see you watching me watching you"

The Spruerbruecke, the first covered bridge we came along on our trek.

All the paintings are hand done, and here Jace is telling Ingo about a fire that ruined some of these paintings awhile back, but they saved many...

After walking across the bridge, we walked around the city looking for a restaurant that was the Editors Choice in my lonely planet. But since they weren't open on Sundays unless the weather was good... and I guess it wasn't that great out... we settled on a pub that had 'Fondue 24 CHF' on a sign out the front as that is exactly what the girls wanted during their Swiss leg - FONDUE! Here is the delicious Lucerne beer that accompanied the Fondue, that washed down the bread, that Jack built... or something like that.

For lunch, instead of Fondue for me, as I was still reeling from the 125 CHF Fondue fiasco that occurred when my mom and brother came (it's no Melting Pot, let me tell you), I had quite 'gunstig' treat instead - a Lucerne pastry with veal dumplings, peas and carrots. It was a delicious birthday treat. Very yummy. Like chicken pot pie but way better.

Jace, feeling a bit bogged down by all the frozen pizzas and take out he had eaten while I was away for work training, decided on the 'Fitness Teller.' We all teased him about getting the health plate until we saw the beauty and all wanted it for ourselves. Schnitzel with healthy sides. Yum. And krauter butter... of course. Doesn't matter how healthy you want to be, don't try and take the krauter (herbed) butter away. Oh no. (It is the HUGE round disk at 10 o'clock.)

I know you were waiting for it and here she is - the big bong of cheese called Fondue that the girls and Ingo shared. The bread was delicious. The cheese was delicious. Then again... how would I know, right?! I avoided that fondue... um, yeah.

I think that the girls enjoyed their tourist trap of fondue. I think the bowl was pretty well cleaned out actually. I love this photo and how the cheese is dripping down the fondue fork. Love it.

After lunch, we headed east across town and ran into a church. I can't recall the name or the denomination. I mean, who can blame me when I am too busy making people do cute poses in the c-shaped pews.

Becca gets down to pray that she doesn't have to take any more cheesy photos.

Oh geez. They are both praying now. Perhaps I had better give them a break.

Here Jace and I take to the camera, with a couples shot in front of the Lucerne Lake. Now tell me he doesn't look cute with his new Eels shirt!? Go ahead. Yes, that's right. He's adorable.
This is the bridge that wins all the prizes. Or at least the bridge that gets all the attention - it's the longest I think. And it has the best flowers. And it has the clearest water. Oh and I think they give away free kittens. Well, ok, so not that great. But the Kappelbruecke is lovely. Naturally we walked across. Lucerne from the bridge.

Oooh, they prayed but it didn't work. Here I make Jace and Becca peak their heads out for a shot on the Kappelbruecke.

From the other side, the Lucerne Kappellbruecke. The dark, looming, creepy clouds are a bonus. Free. All yours. Take them with you. I don't want them.
Jace. Bridge. Lucerne.

Jessica. Lucerne. Swans. All there. All Lucerne.
Now if I could just get a proper rain jacket that doesn't
make me look like a giant blueberry muffin.

After about 15 minutes of walking around.. ok maybe 20, I declared that I was tired, and that it was time to go and eat some more, and I said to myself... what should I do with them now? Where should I take them to eat? And I knew the answer like I knew it was my birthday.. and I said - "Let them eat cake!" And they did. And I did. And it was good. Here is the proof:

For my birthday cake, I had amaretto cake with an amaretti on top from a seriously good place with a seriously bad name: HEINI (said 'hi-knee'). I kid you not. Like bottom. I tried to explain this to Ingo and in the end all he could say was, "That is not a nice name." But it was great cake. I think the sign in the joint said they had 26 types of crazy, delicious cake. That means we'll be back at least 5,786 more times. ;)

Jace enjoyed a piece of black forest cherry cake, or in German 'Schwartzwalde Torte.' I got a bite. Oh yeah. Now we only need to go back 859,358 more times. :)

It was my kind of crowd, because we all got something different. Here is some strawberry torte and black forest cake. Yummy heaven. The strawberry might have been more delicious than the black forest. Don't tell the black forest that though. Oh no. Don't do it.

Finally, after I counted all the calories I consumed before 2 pm, I decided that I had some spare, so of course I ordered a latte macchiatto, which I think is a latte, or a cafe creme or something. But they might as well call it heaven, especially when they serve it with a teardrop truffle filled with kirsch liquer. Happy Birthday...tooooooo MEEEE!!!

I think we all zonked out on the drive back to Zurich. Our eyes could not take any more of the luscious green pastures and idilying cows. It was just too much beauty and excitment for one day, one great beautiful birthday. Thanks again to Ingo for taking us to Lucerne and my hubby and guests for a great day!


Bluefish said...

I'm drooling always have wonderful pictures and stories to share. I almost felt like I was eating the cake too. This sure was an amazing birthday.

Anonymous said...

There was only one person sleeping on the way home with her head back and her mouth wide open... :)

Jessica said...

Thanks, bluefish. I love taking photos. I am glad that you enjoy them so much, too!

As for anonymous' comment... I have no idea what you are talking about. Mouth wide open?!?! I cannot recall someone being so backwards. :)


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