Friday, July 4, 2008

Monday Night Skate: Switzerland

Has anyone done the Monday night skate yet?

From what I understand, there are lots of cities around Switzerland, and even around Europe, that shut down the main city streets on select Monday nights for a city skate! I love this idea and can't wait to rent some skates and go out on the town. Anyone else interested?!!?

Monday Night Skate: Switzerland


stacy said...

all I can tell you is that you need to skate fast. They send people ahead to block off streets and you have to make it through the intersections pretty quickly so traffic can resume. They come right by our house and it is pretty impressive!!

Jessica said...

I reckon! Thanks for commenting, Stacy. I think I might need some practice on the streets around my house before I take on the Night Skate. Have you tried it yet? Let me know if you go and perhaps we can go together!


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