Saturday, July 5, 2008

You know you live in Switzerland when...

... you can buy cannabis flavored iced tea at the supermarket. There is NO WAY you could ever buy this in the US. Hemp, yes. Cannabis flavored drinks?!!? No way.

Yes...this is cannabis flavored iced tea that I found today at Spar. It startled me at first because I was just looking for some iced tea, after watching my family drink gallons of the lemon and peach flavored tea while they were here. This looked nice and refreshing to me until I saw the leaves. I love how they've put the cannabis leaves in the ice cube.

I think Jace was pretty startled to find one of these 'cans' in our shopping cart upon check out. I say 'cans' as it's made out of paper - more recyclable naturally.

I am not really the experimenting type so no wonder he was surprised. Naturally I told him I just wanted to 'blog' about it. Then again, it is just 'cannabis flavored' - that's what the label says anyway. It can't be bad for me right?! Nor do any 'good,' I suppose.

Either way, I think I am going to save it to share with my visitors that come on Friday! YEAH!


SabineM said...

I saw it on my last few days in Switzerland in June. I was going through the Coop, looking for picnic items and my daughter wanted Icetea...
I didn't buy it. Let me know how it tastes

stacy said...

It tastes pretty nasty, we bought some from a vending machine on a train platform, just for giggles... who drinks it is beyond me, it's not like it makes you high or anything!!

stacy said...

we prefer Migros brand ice tea, or making our own sun tea in the summer

Jessica said...

You know.. I think I do too!

Update: We broke open the can the other day and I guess we were pretty disappointed. There was no great high from the tea... then again I didn't expect that. I expected more taste. My friend, Emily, said it tasted just a little hempy.

I would stick with the Migros brand too!


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