Thursday, August 21, 2008

7 Internet Resources to Help You Find a Job in Switzerland

Searching for a job in Switzerland? This list should help!

Inspired by Zurika's list of 7 Internet Resources to Help You Find a Job in Germany, here is my list of 7 resources to find a job in Switzerland.

Boasts the largest reach wordwide when it comes to jobs and listed job seekers. Monster has a great website that is easy to use and easy to post your resume on. I love receiving the Monster Job Notifications via email. It is such a great set and forget system. (English, French, German)
(Ps. This is where I found my job... so I say go Monster! plus in an effort of full disclosure, I have a an interest in them... )

This is the largest job search network in Switzerland, meaning that more people are registered on this job board than any other in Switzerland. Does that mean they have better or more jobs? Not necessarily, just more searchers. But it is focused on Swiss jobs which is good if that is where you want to work! (English)

3. Jobs in Zurich
This job posting board is focused on English speaking jobs in Zurich - so this is perfect for expats that don't speak German, French, or Italian and nevertheless want to work and thrive in Switzerland. It is possible... so don't let the language barrier stop you. A lot of companies in Switzerland and Zurich have English speaking work environments. That said, there is definately not the volume of jobs on this board as there is on the first two. But check it regularly as they do get some gems - and again, they are English speaking job gems. (English)

Another job board, focused on Switzerland. I find it has some different jobs that the others don't post. Give it a go. (German)

5. Jobs at Google Zurich
These photos have circled the web a few times now, and who wouldn't want to work for Google, on top of all the benefits (free lunch, bring your pet to work, great pay), if you can also work in an office like this! If you can code or if you just want to work in a great environment, go ahead and give Google a try. Google has lots of offices around the world, but heck, if you wanna live in Zurich and you can work for Google this is one of the coolest environments I know. (English)

Yes, this is a meeting room in Google's Zurich office. I know! CRAZY!

6. Future Watch International
I found this to be a very helpful job agency, featuring English speaking jobs in Zurich and Switzerland. Check it. They offered me a meeting to talk about opportunities, but I find that you should just go in if you apply for a job and they are interested. Otherwise, agencies tend to want to waste your time! (English)

7. Careerbuilder,,, etc. etc.
Don't forget to check the listings in the US, UK, or other countries for jobs in Switzerland. Sometimes there are some great opportunities on the local boards - you don't always have to look on to find jobs in Switzerland - they are often posted on the international boards as well! (those above in English...)

Happy hunting. ;)


Kathryn said...

Seriously, you can bring your pet to work at Google AND have cool mtg rooms like that??? I feel a career switch coming on.

Oh and re: the kiss on the cheek thing...this always confuses me. I never know which cheek to aim for first...such an awkaward moment for me. Gah!

Jessica said...

TELL ME! I looked for a job at Google when I was searching but it just wasn't in the cards, I guess.

I have a friend that works there and loves it... they have a slide and a fireman's pole, too!

As for the kissing cheek... as the Swiss would say, I have 'Keine Ahnig' or no IDEA! Just go for the plunge and hopefully the Swiss on the other end will self correct! I always go left first if I can. :)


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