Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Best Frozen Pizza You Will Ever Eat

Ok... as if the title of this post doesn't say it already, let me explain.

Jace and I both work, full time, and even before I started working, we really enjoyed eating pizza at least once a week. I mean, who doesn't?! Besides the fact that that they are fast, they are also oh so delicious.

So we tried a few different types. We tried the ones that are in the fridge section, not frozen, and they were good. We tried the dough that you role out and put the topping on yourself, good too. Then we tried these babies, the Bella Napoli Tre Formaggi (three cheese) from Buitoni found at the Denner. And well, how good are they? They are hold on to those love handles good. Yes, that good.

It is all due to the hand made dough.

Don't believe me that it's hand made and formed? See below? ... it says it right there on the box.

That's ok. I forgive you.

The two pizzas in this box are plain margherita pizzas on hand made dough, and I will tell you on their own they are heavenly. The bread or dough tastes like someone just rolled them out on the stone countertop before your eyes... yet it only takes 6 minutes to cook and you can make and eat it within one episode of Gilmore Girls. I know, it is awesome. But a secret tip to make them even more awesome is to put a little bit of prociutto on before you bake them... girl, WATCH OUT!

Oh... and to make it even better (are you ready for this, I know, how can it get better?!), we have found that a little bit of spicy olive oil and can make even the most mediocre pizza pretty awesome (it's olive oil with dried chili and Italian seasonings if you are feeling it... we make our own but you will also see it in all the pizza places here).

We love these things so much that all of our visitors have this pizza as a welcome party.. with the oil. And they loved it to!

So don't walk... but run to your supermarket for these babies. I would make them a Zurich Must See but that might be taking it too far. ;)


Carla - Desde 1981. said...

I have to say I just love your blog! I had no special interest in Zurich before I started reading your blog posts, but you're doing a great job in making it more and more worthy of a visit every day.
Thanks for sharing!
And by the way, that pizza does look good!

Susan May said...

I love having frozen pizza on hand - although they barely fit in my itty bitty freezer. Thanks for the tip about the oil, too. I can't wait to try both.

sara in Geneva said...

I (burp) tried the Buitoni this evening and must say.. you are right on target. That stuff IS good. I would never have bought frozen pizza-thinking that I was being virtuous (almost cooking) with the roll-out dough and home made sauce. But those days are gone and Bella Napoli is in. My hubby and I agreed: tasted like pizzeria..and 2 pies for 10 CHF?!
P.S. When are you coming to exciting Geneva?

Jessica said...

I am so glad everyone loves the blogs and loves the pizzas!

We had these on Monday... again. If I don't have these in my freezer for a rainy day or those days you can't bother cooking at all, I feel pretty empty...

Yummm. I might need to have one tonight again! :)

Sara - wait till you put some toppings on it yourself. It only gets better... the bread is so yummy.

Geneva, eh??... I want to go! Perhaps this Fall! :)

Bryan said...

I'm new to Zurich (1 wk) from Chicago and have been reading all the tips on your blog for a few months now. I made 4 trips to the local Migros today and picked up one of these on your recommendation. Can't wait to try it one of these nights! Thanks for all your advice and keep blogging! -Bryan


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