Saturday, August 2, 2008

Euros and Francs and Euros... oh My!

Now that I am running back and forth to Austria for work and Germany for Fischertags and weddings, we have a lot of Euros swimming around.

I have found the answer, where most answers can be found these days, on Etsy.

This little zippered pouch is going to be my savior and saving grace. I will keep all the Euros I get, and eventually spend!, in this little handmade pouch, made by Unikat - she's Aussie too! Bonus! I love it and can't wait to whip it out to pay for all my chocolate bananas and Sacher tortes.

Speaking of great wallets, my brother who is in Zurich this week and goes back to Nashville next week visited the Freitag shop this week and bought a great wallet... not cheap, but really cool. I definately recommend stopping by the store to check out the cool architecture and messenger bags made out of recycled truck tarps. Shop now.

Or support a crafter and sign up to shop on Etsy. You will be glad you did!
Here are some of my favorites to get you inspired:

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Bluefish said...

I checked out the web site and she has so many original items.


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