Friday, August 22, 2008

Swiss Swap and Shop

I posted about Freecycle Zurich awhile back, a group that you can join to learn about free stuff that people are giving away - and then you can grab it - for free! - and take it home. Pretty good group.

But there is another one that I also keep an eye on that seems to be more active - Swiss Swap and Shop. The items on here are not all for free, but some are, and it's a good place to pick up a bargain from people that are moving overseas from Switzerland and need to lighten their load.

Another good place for moving sales and notices is the general Expats in Zurich Group, a Yahoo! Group. I have a special folder for this in my Yahoo! Mail and I check it daily for events, sales, news, or even just tips. Great group, very active, and way friendlier than some (that one) other Swiss Forum that seems to attract the Negative Nancy's. Good luck and perhaps I will read you on one of these forums soon!


Pumpkin Pie said...

Another good forum to watch is I see free stuff there all the time.

Jessica said...

Good point... but I will just say that I am not such a fan of

There are a lot of very nice people on there, but without fail, for whatever reason, whenever I post I always get a lot of negative Nancy's replying to my post... and I have heard the same from others.

So feel free to use it as a reference, but post at your own risk! ;)

Bluefish said...

I tried to join expats in Denmark, but they denied my request:(


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