Monday, September 29, 2008

Go on... Guess! What is this Swiss thing?

Three guesses what this is!

A Gnome door? Nope! ... Good guess though. Ok here is some more detail.

A fancy Swiss wind ornament? ... Nope!... Want more?

A drain for excess rain on one's patio? Nope!... Ok... Ok. Stop the crying. I will tell you.

Ok... prepare yourself.

It is a kitty staircase! (Ok... um, you can stop laughing now... No I am serious. Stop laughing. I am completely, 100% serious... thank you... the milk coming out of your nose was not attractive by the way...)

Yes, that is right. Switzerland is definately a Cat paradise. If you are a cat lover and you didn't happen to get a ground floor apartment, don't stress! Kitty can be let in and out with ease by using the ever clever and ingenious kitty staircase. These are very popular and while I have yet to see a cat use one (do they take it slowly or bolt up it? I am dying to know), I know that they do because there are kitties out and about everywhere here... You still have to open up the door, but the rest is up to kitty.

Now, I love kitties, but don't you think it would be hilarious to paint a dog with it's mouth wide open as the opening... like this...
LOL. Oh It kills me. Ps. You don't have to tell me that I have way too much time on my hands!

Ok, just to make sure you know my true intentions, this is what would rather do...But admit it, this is way funnier:
Ps. This is all in Microsoft Paint. So don't be calling the cops on me if some teenage hooligan with a great sense of humor is seen spray painting this genius around the neighborhood. ;)


Bluefish said...

I knew it was a staircase for cats! What a great idea!

Susan May said...

My dog has a really great life here in Zürich - and many opportunities to sniff down the cats. Problem is, when he comes face to face with one, he backs down! Cats in my neighborhood here are pretty tough!

Adrian said...

People don't even have to open the door btw. What they do is they call the window guy and have him install a little swing door in one of the windows. Most doors require the cat to have a coded sensor on a collar to avoid other cats in your home.

Next the cat owner calls the lender's insurance company and claims a broken window. They will do that again when they move out to restore the condition back to normal. Do I have to tell you what the next dweller will do if she/he owns a cat? I guess not and you're right, Switzerland is a cat lovers paradise.


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