Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick & Easy Fall Fondue

Oh yes, it is officially Fall. If the cooler temperatures and sweater layers didn't give you a hint, just take a look in your supermarket. All of the Fall foods are out. There are displays with sauces and fixings for your favorite wild game (what is with the Swiss and venison, I ask you?) and some very interesting mushrooms...and all this is a sign that the really good eating is to come. Oh yes... it is time to get out the Fondue pot and Raclette grill.

I asked some co-workers about the whole fondue thing last week, and they said not to even try to make it myself... that it can be difficult and the cheese can get all watery. They instead recommended one of the pre-made fondue kits like one of those pictured below.

Basically you just add wine. Everything else except the bread (like the cheese, seasonings, more cheese, spices, and did I mention cheese?) is included , you just need to swish it all together in the Fondue pot and heat it up 'til all nice and gooey... Pretty nifty.

But I am assuming people make up their own delicious fondues, as I also found something called "Raclette & Fondue Seasoning" in the spice aisle. I tried to figure out what was in this, but all I could read was that it is a "Gewuertzmischung" - or seasoning mix. No help.

I cannot wait to dust off the ol' pot and fire up the raclette grill and gain at least 25.4 pounds this winter (because P.S. the Swiss only eat fondue and raclette from September to February. I have been told this by many a Swiss. My coworker even said that the Cheese Federation of Switzerland - or whatever, I just made that up - created a campaign a few years back to get the Swiss to do the melted cheese thing in the summer and they just weren't having it... go figure... so Fall and Winter it is...).

Only question now is... who wants to come to dinner?! ;)

Have you tried these pre-made mixes...??? Are they any good?


juanitatortilla said...

Hey! I'd love to have you guys over for fondue as well! I just got the Fondue packs - on Aktion (!); 1 Gratis 1 (!!) - over the weekend.

It's fondue season, definitely.

Swiss Miss said...

I disagree. Making it yourself is the best way and it is very easy--you just need the cheese (Migros has a great pre-packaged fresh fondue cheese mix in the cheese section), white wine, garlic, nutmeg, and kirsch. Forget the boxes, this is just as easy!

Jessica said...

Hmm.. Kirsch eh? You mean Kirschwasser? I would have never thought of using that.

Jul said...

I always make it myself, and it's one of the easiest dinners out there. Grate some cheese, slice some garlic, throw it in a pot with wine, corn starch, lemon juice, and black pepper, and stir stir stir stir stir. As long as you get the proportions right (google for a recipe), consistency shouldn't be a problem.

Yum, now I want fondue for dinner!

Bluefish said...

I would love to come over:)

Jessica said...

I will have to try both - a packet and a DIY with similar ingredients and write up a comparison on the blog. Consider it done. :) Stay tuned.

rösti said...

make sure you rub a clove of garlic in the bottom of the fondue pot before you put in the cheese mix!

Lots of cheese shops sell their own custom mixes of cheese for fondue, stop in to any Käserei and ask!


Raclette seasoning you put on before or after you melt it... yum!!

Seriously -- cheese and bread or cheese and potatoes, how can you go wrong with either!

I love winter/fall foods... the smell of the roasting chestnuts in the train station, the huge bags of clementines, glühwein... and if you are into that sort of thing: blut und leberwurst! (ew, but my husband loves it)

Zhu said...

I haven't had a fondue in ages... used to in France, usually during the winter.

Considering the cheese we have in Canada I think I won't even try.

aidan kristine said...

Its sooo very easy- we didnt even ever use a 'fondue pot'.. just be warned- Maizene or corn starch is a must...
It quickly became our 'cheap & fast dinner' - a moitie-moitie bag o cheese and bread and youre off.
We tried many ways and the best is to put the wine & corn starch in the pot first (with garlic) , add cheese and mix mix mix, then pinch o nutmeg and kirsch at the end. You'll have it ready to eat in 5-10 mins!!! mmm.. wish we still lived in the land of cheap cheese.

Tanya said...

Fondue packs scare me, but I shouldn't judge since I've never tried one. I really like the shredded fondue cheese from Globus and the one from Marinello with local Zurich cheese (the Bahnhof one carries this). It's not hard to make it yourself, just make sure to melt the cheese slowly and keep stirring.

David said...

I found your blog trying to find where to buy the raclette & fondue seasoning in the u.s. or online. Any ideas? I visited Switzerland in 2007 with my Swiss grandma and have long since run out of the seasoning:(

Jessica said...

Hey David, I am not sure where to get it outside of Switzerland... I could always tell you what is in the ones we buy here and you can make your own?... how does that sound?


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