Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bluefish's Awesome Blogging Award!

I got this cool award from Bluefish, an awesome blogger in her own right who blogs about her life Between Canada and Denmark. Thanks, Bluefish! I look forward to your comments everyday, and think that your interaction keeps me on my toes and my blog interesting. I am glad you created your own award to celebrate awesome blogging. ;)

The rules of Bluefish's award are:

1. Give the award to 6 amazing bloggers that you love (you can elaborate why this person, if you want). - Check, see below.
2. Link my blog onto yours. - Check.
3. Post this beautiful frame on your blog. - Check, see above.
4. Write a thank you note (on your blog) to the person who has given the award to you. - Check, and thank you again, Niki!
5. Inform the bloggers that they have received an award. - Will do!

So here are my 6 picks for the Bluefish Blogging Award:

1. Swiss Miss on One Big Yodel
I gave her a shout out not too long ago, and she is still one of my favorites at the moment. She talks about her life in Switzerland with such humor and characterizes the Swiss' cultural trites almost too perfectly.

2. Joan on Serowe-Marzenie
I love the premise for Joan's blog. She is planning a big trip to Switzerland in 2009, and her blog is an ongoing update of her travel plans, fund-raising, and research to get to the land of Chocolate and Cheese. I cannot wait to see her updated travel plans soon!

3. Juls on This non-American life
Little does she know, but I have used her blog log to find cool things to do in Zurich ever since we arrived. She lives in Munich now, and I find her writing fresh and like Swiss Miss, she has a humorous take on expat life.

4. Pumpkin Pie on From my Swiss window
I get more and more into this blog the more I read it and flip through the photos. I really want to visit the Jura now, after seeing all her great photos from around her home.

5. Dan and Michelle on The Adventures of Swiss Family Willis
There is always something interesting going on with this Kiwi family that recently moved to Switzerland. Can you tell that I love following other families that picked up and moved to CH? I do. It is great to see what other expats are doing here - besides eating their weight in chocolate! ;)

And last but not least (and please check the right hand column for more of my favorite blogs as there are more than 6)...

6. Kathryn on An American Frau - my life in Germany
I really love Berlin and it is always fun to check in with Kathryn and see what she and her family are up to in the capital city. We almost, ALMOST got an opportunity to live in Berlin before we moved to Switzerland. I enjoy checking in and thinking the 'what if's...' ;)

Thanks again, Bluefish!


Bluefish said...

Thank you for giving me the idea to create my own award.

The crown is from Residenz in Munich.

Kathryn said...

How fun!!! Thanks and I love checking out Bluefish's blog, Zurikas and Swiss Mac's too. Now will have to reserve time to check out the others!


Jul said...

Aaaw, thanks. :) :) :)

I'm honored...

Pumpkin said...

Thank you for the award. We have all been sick so I am only now catching up on all my posts. I will be sure to pass it on!


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