Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I can't believe it's.... butter.

Um. Ok. I will translate only... and let you decide what you think about this.
(From a billboard campaign found in the train station.)


He, in his JCrew-esque way says, "I eat butter."

She, in her, I just shot up in the bathroom and then, for the 43rd day in a row decided not to brush my mangled hair way says, "I don't."

Underneath the poster it says: "Butter. Everything else is just not natural. Questions, go to"

All I have to say is... "Was?!"

OMG.. it gets so much better on the site! Visit it:

OMG x 1000000... I just realized the blonde is a dude... Jesus, eat your butter.


Swiss Miss said...

Wow, we are really on the same wavelength when it comes to strange stuff in der Schweiz. I also took a photo of a butter ad on Sunday-the one in Baden is even worse. I will try to post it soon.

Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...

The authors are probably proud that they’ve created such an eye-catching billboard...

PS: I don’t get it – there’s a guy on the left. On the right there should be an almost-a-guy. An almost-a-guy is a woman that looks like a guy! Of course, a woman looking like a man wouldn’t be enough shocking...

Jessica said...

I am glad you think it is strange too.

When I showed Jace he was like... 'Yeah, what?' And we had this big discussion about how I think this weird ad makes people that don't eat butter out to be freaks, and he was like, 'It just means that people that eat margerine are not natural.'

Um. Ok. Whatever. But I am not a barbie doll, or a weight lifter, or a FREAK if I don't eat butter... it is just weird. But I get the message... oh yes.

juanitatortilla said...


This advert is funny. I just love the fact that I understood all that simple Deutsch.
It just means: Be Normal. Eat Butter.

Pumpkin said...

Yes, there are strange billboards here in CH.

There is nothing like catching a train with your kids and having to divert their attention from a billboard showing two astronauts with the pants down around their butts and one of them is behind the other obviously going at it! NICE!

Are we really are so stupid that we need such graphic billboards?

Anonymous said...

err..what is butter? is it a butter brand?

Kerrin - MyKugelhopf said...

wow, what an ad !! i love your post - dude, people, eat your butter! ha ha! i just found this thanks to your "you might like these stories" icons at the bottom of your posts... too funny! meanwhile, go check out the current photo/ad on the butter site now !! :)


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