Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Swiss Apartment

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday ( friends... I hope they like us! ;) And while I had to clean up for the big night anyway, I thought it was an ideal time to take a few shots of our Swiss apartment to share.

I have no idea if our apartment is "typically Swiss" or not but since we live on the top floor, in the roof, we have sloping walls throughout the apartment. I thought that with the both of us being over 6 ft. we might have some issues, but (knock on the walls) we have yet to bang our heads too badly. The sloping ceiling and the magnificent wooden beams are actually a couple of my favorite features.
In the middle of our living room, alongside the best couch ever (as Jace says, but he only loves it because it is NOT from IKEA... but truly, for some reason, everyone loves this couch...) is a framed print from sugarloop, the first store I bought from on Etsy. I have already blogged about the other feature, the potbelly stove, that sits next to the stairs.

Here is a particularly good shot of the wooden ceiling features. Lovely. I think, being in the roof, we had to give up some wall space due to all the sloping walls, but instead we gained all these beautiful details. This is also the window we could not open or close all summer because a bird and her wee family made a nest in between our shutters... who cares if the neighbors could see us running around naked, because we protected nature and that is cool. ;) Under the window you can also see one of the many sleek, thin profile heaters - we do have normal heating in addition to the wood burning pot belly. But I am looking forward to having a wood burning heater, especially around Christmas time.
This is the kitchen. Emily is still raving, if even in my head, about the sleekness of it all. And I agree. It is exactly how I want to redo the Oz house one day... everything is "neatly" (just don't go in there...DON'T DO IT...) hidden behind cupboards and white makes it look ultra modern. I love how you can't find the fridge either. Where did it go? Where is it?! Where is that fridge? (said with baby voice if you couldn't tell...)

Here is the door to the patio/deck, with curtains from my favorite Swedish retailer. I didn't finish them properly and they are too long and I don't have a sewing machine to redo them, but I honestly really like the effect of the tied off curtains. What do you think? Will it do? Would Martha approve?
We have wooden floors (or laminate?) throughout the main room and kitchen. Upstairs and in the bedrooms it is carpet. I also got this plant at IKEA. I think it fills this weird nook nicely, and it loves it there.

This nook is great, too, because this window swings down and lets a great breeze through the apartment - or ventilates the kitchen in the event that something goes terribly, horrible awry in there!

And finally - the kitchen table. You might not be able to see much of the table because it is also my desk from time to time and the dumping grounds for everything else that comes through the door, but at least we have a table, right Grandma!? ;) While living in the US, we NEVER owned a dining table and my late Grandmother always was quite worried that we didn't have a proper place to eat! But alas, this little bargain ($100 from IKEA for the table and 4 chairs - it ain't fancy but it works) is all we need... now if only we would stop eating on the couch! ;)

There is more - but those parts have doors and let's just say they were all closed on Saturday for various reasons. So there will have to be a part 2 one day. Doesn't it feel/look Swiss?!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Bluefish said...

I love your sofa because it's red and it looks so comfortable. Everything is neat and minimal:) I also envy you for your beautiful kitchen. We have a "ghetto" kitchen in DK and the stove/oven doesn't even work that well.

juanitatortilla said...

Oh wow. That definitely is a nice apartment!

Kathryn said...

Ooooh, I love looking at other people's homes. If this were a hobby, I'd make it one! I love your red couch too. I wanted one that color but couldn't talk my husband into hiss! I also like your pot belly stove...totally cute! I can't believe you're over 6ft tall! I never noticed from your pics for some reason. I'm a shorty next to you...just 5 ft 5 inches here on a good posture day.
I'm actually planning a run to IKEA today to find an area rug for my daughter...I'll have to post pics of our place soon too. We also have really high ceielings with wood beams as we're on the it!


Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...

What I like the most in the part of you flat shown here, is the overwhelming feeling of a huuuge space. Especially the first 3 pictures show, how important it is to have the perfect windows, so that you could feel comfortable in your own flat. Probably not only you, but also your guests feel great in it. The couch might be the clue too ;) And the heather – it’s just great that you can have one in a modern flat. It’s almost magical to watch the fire burning in the Winter evening... Super!

PS: Wow, what an “Ordnung” ;) I really miss it at home – after 2 weekends out of here my flat looks... yeah. Let’s just say, that I would have to close all the doors to hide the mess ;) But unfortunately my flat is still being renovated and it’s “normal” for us that something looks bad. I hope one day we’ll get to your level of living ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am glad you like it as much as we do.

Kathryn: Yeah, I am pretty tall. You can see it in the photos of me with Emily and Becca back in July: like this one and this one. I just usually seem to hunch over for some reason!!! So I look shorter. :)

And thanks for the 'Ordnung' comment, Joanna... it is easy to be clean when you sell all your stuff every few years to move abroad! But I do my best to clean up for guests, too.. for example, I would never take photos of it today and post them online... Total un-ordnung! :)

Bluefish said...

Hey, do you know how to create an award?

Zhu said...

It looks cozy... and so clean! Shiny wooden floor, neat, no magazines on the sofa, nothing on the floor... how do you do that????

Michelle said...

Hey, love the apartment. Love the plant. Can't wait till we move into ours and fill it with stuff from... Ikea! Such a cool blog, love reading it (everyday religiously! except when in Tuscany of course!)

Anonymous said...

Really nice place! Love the livingroom. I wish my apartment could be that neat but no, thanks to my two little devils, and no they're not my kids haha


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