Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ps. It is winter.

We got our FIRST SNOW yesterday. Actually, I think it was more like "Schneeregen" which means "Snow rain" which translates to sleet. Just another example of how German is so efficient and just takes a bunch of words and adds them together to make new words.

Anyway, when it would snow before Halloween or on Halloween back in Ohio we would freak out a bit because it always felt too early. And I admit, as I drudged through the sludge on the way back from the train at midnight last night and then through it on my way to the bus this morning, I was feeling a bit moody.

But already a lot has melted and I might be able to enjoy one more mild weekend before winter truly whips its ugly head... then again, maybe I will just polish up the snowboard and everything will be ok. ;)


Bluefish said...

It snowed a bit hre as well. I'm not ready for it yet.

Beverly said...

Well.. in New Jersey, specifically Morris County, we too had snow. Not just your 'snow rain' mixture - but pure, precious white flakes! In some sections, there was almost 5+ inches of the stuff!

By the by - please make sure you post some updated photos of this weekend with my favorite niece!

Thanks! 'Aunt Bev'


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