Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You do, we do, everyone Fondue!

Boy, was my timing ever good in regards to prepping you for the fondue season?! Last weekend, while grocery shopping, all the fondue novelties were out, and I mean ALL of them. Here is what was on display at my local Migros, and if this doesn't get you in the mood for Fondue, nothing will!

(Clockwise, starting from top left...)
  • All kinds of fondue pots for sale - guess how much a fondue pot costs here?! CHF 80 - 150! I know, that is a lot. I will say I just bought (or Jace did! what a good hubby!) a raclette and it was CHF 100 and it is electric. I find it strange that a basic pot is just as much if not more - but with a culture so engrained in cheese, they know they have got you in a corner! Buy the expensive cheese pot... buyyyyyyyyyyyy itttt....

  • Mini fondue pots! I have no idea what these are for, but I couldn't help but think that they would be fun to hold all the raclette condiments! Again, I am mixing my cheese entrees, shame on me! I think these were about CHF 30 for a set of 4 mini pots. Super cute.

  • I know this giant cheese thing is for raclette, and it doesn't go with the title of this post at all, but come on... a cheese shaped potato holder for all your raclette pleasures made out of felt...?! It is just too genius - and by that I mean, a genius, corny marketing ploy... Click the photo to zoom in and see the tag with the wee potatoes on it. GENIUS.

  • Next to the mini fondue pots is what else?! Mini fondue pre-made cheese packs. I think you actually just pop these babies in the microwave and you are off! This is the perfect little guilty pleasure for all the lactose intolerants. We know you still eat cheese! Don't lie! And now you can finish a whole fondue off in the closet without anyone knowing.

  • I am in love with the raclette cheese felt thing. Sorry, it had to be shown again.

  • And finally, the entire fondue display. They had some big fondue sets too but they are out of the shot. I love, too, that they know there are some disorganized households out there where all the fondue sticks go missing and thus they sell extra fondue sticks in assorted colors.
So what are you waiting for!? You live in Switzerland now. Get out there and eat some CHEEEEESSSEEE fondue.

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Bluefish said...

I only had chesse fondue once at a restaurant, but it was not very good. I like the cheese bag...very cute. Does it have a special lining so the potatoes won't rot?


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