Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Book for Christmas Cookies: Last minute Plätzchen.

I got this little baking book (only about 50 pages) on the weekend and I have to write about it because I absolutely LOVE IT. I like to make a load of Christmas cookies during the holidays, and this year I thought I would inject some new Swiss and German recipes into the repertoire. And this book is just perfect. Now, I know the book is in German, but even if you don't understand German 100% I think that the recipes are simple enough for a little translation work. It is a "Last Minute" cooking book which means the recipes are quick and easy, and the photography is awesome. You can order the book on, too, here. I am sure I will be showcasing a few of these recipes in the coming weeks! Happy baking!


Bluefish said...

I'm looking forward to see your creations. Maybe share a recipe or two:)

Jessica said...

Definately! I will pick out a good one to feature! :)


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