Friday, November 14, 2008

First Blurb Book done!

It is no secret that I love blurb. I have been working on a format to scrapbook my travel photos and adventures in Europe, and finally my first attempt is done! I recently ordered this 7x7 book off the Blurb site for $25.95, using a $10 coupon*, and the book should show up sometime next week. I cannot wait to report back regarding the quality. Until then, you can check out a preview of the first 15 pages and the cover here. Happy Blurbing and have a great weekend!

* Promotion code: holiday2008. Use before Nov. 18th.


Bluefish said...

Unfortunately I couldn't view the scrapbook, but I'm sure it has plenty awesome photos.

I used to make my scrapbook by hand then sort of lost interest in it.

naechstehaltestelle said...

I used Blurb for my son's birthday books and they came out fantastic. I'm always showing them off.

Sarah's friend Courtney said...

I'm glad you put up a post about this, I've been trying to figure out what to use to make some of my photo books! btw, I read this in the Boston Globe magazine this morning and thought I'd share!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah's friend Courtney. ;) I am going to have to look out for those cookies at the Christmas markets this year... I am so excited.

Ps. Still waiting on the Blurb book. Seems to not even been shipped yet. Bit disappointed but hopefully it is so awesome that I forget the delay.


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