Sunday, November 2, 2008

T.B.C. - Sarah is here! Posting continues Wednesday

So Sarah is here and we are having a rockin' time. Pictures to come soon. I will have some details up on Wednesday.

Until then, visit the archives and have a great start of November.

Ps. Beverly, I am taking good care of your favorite niece. She is a handful, but I am really glad to have her here. I will be sure to send her back safe and sound with a suitcase full of chocolate. :)

PPs. Actually, she is not a handful at all. I don't think entertaining guests gets any easier... we are having a really relaxing time.
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Courtney said...

Hi Jessica, it's Courtney, the friend of Sarah's you have never met! I've been checking your blog for pictures from the trip - especially the sausage! ;) But you do have a fun blog in general and make me want to travel to Swissland! Thanks for your funny online stories, they really help me with my favorite hobby of procrastination!

Jessica said...

Hello Courtney... Thanks for posting. I have at least 4157 photos of Sarah posing with meat products for your enjoyment, however, she has already restricted my posting of 4154 of them... so look for the others as of tomorrow.

You and your hubbie sound great. Thanks for moving back to Boston to take care of Sarah. ;) I hope you come back to visit the blog, and I hope to come back to visit Boston and see you sometime... and Sarah, too, I suppose.

Have a great voting day... ps. I will send Sarah home with some chocolates. Make sure you get first dibs. :)


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