Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 15: Packlibus

Christmas Advent Day 15: The Packlibus

This has to be the greatest idea to get people to buy more gifts - EVER.

This is the bag bus. It is on Bahnhofstrasse and basically it exists so that you can leave all your heavy Christmas gifts and shopping on the bus and GO GET SOME MORE! You check in your bags, get a ticket, and then either send your gifts directly from the bus or come back for them later and take them home. What a great idea!


Joanna "Serowa Marzycielka" said...

The idea is great! I want to go to a big centre to do the Christmas shopping, but I have no idea, how to take the gifts home :/ I mean, I have to shop alone, right, wanna get something for both our families and friends... Could you pls sent this special bus here? ;)

Expat Traveler said...

Wow - the only thing I'd be scared of is getting them stolen.. Hey I did get my coat stolen in Lugano so it could happen... But funny idea!

Jessica said...

The bus is on the way to you, Joanna! ;)


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