Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 17: Pressed cookies

Christmas Advent Day 18: Shortbread pressed cookies

Christmas is the time for cookies and the Swiss go to new heights when it comes to cookie presses and forms. The cookies above are machine made, but those way below are handmade. The wooden forms are highly collectable and can be very expensive if the cookies are very ornate. But I think the outcome is totally worth it - such cute cookies... now if only I liked anis... (that is the flavor of those at the end of this post... not sure about the others...).


Kathryn said...

Ooooh, I haven't really seen cookies like this. Or maybe I have, but just didn't pay close enough attention. I love them...they are simple and pretty.

Where have you seen the cookie presses to buy? In dept't stores or the cookie/cake shops or ? I NEED to know! :O)

Expat Traveler said...

For some reason, I really like the tins and think I would want to buy them just for that... I also see they have the prices on them... Very cute.

MrsTina said...

I have seen some of those wooden forms at christmas markets. I thought it was candy molds! Thanks for the explanation! I do wonder how they bake in wood?

Jessica said...

I have seen the cookie presses in the markets and also online - like ebay and ricardo. I am not sure what I searched for but I will look again and let you know, Kathryn.

MrsTina, I am pretty sure they press the cookies into the molds then take them out and bake them. They do not bake in the wooden molds... and since the dough does not spread much it keeps its lovely shape!

Adrian said...

I don't recognize the goodies in the other pictures but the first one with the Tirggels I sure do. Oh, I love them and miss them. They have nothing like Anis btw but honey. If you like honey you have to go for it.

Beware though it's a rather tough cookie. Best thing, you break off a piece with your hands, pop it in your mouth and then suck on it till it gets soft.


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