Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Advent Day 5: Glühwein

Christmas Advent Day 5: You didn't think I could wait forever did you? Ahh yes... bring on the Glühwein baby.

If there is one thing that says European Christmas to me, it is Glühwein. Oh you spiced wine-y goodness you...I cannot help but shell out the CHF 4 at every market I go to just so that I can walk around to the rest of the little huts cupping my steamy, cinnamony, liquory goodness, staining my lips and gloves a crimson hue. Then again - maybe I am just a whino... hmmm...

Anyway, I could not help but take a photo of this particular Samichlaus helper manning the Glühwein at the Urdorf Clausmarkt last night, because not only was she so festive, but she also had a special "Altdeutsche Glühwein und Suppentopf" which is an "Old German Spiced Wine and Soup Barrel..." I mean, come on... tell me you don't want to head down to the Brocki in search of one of these babies this weekend... that's right, get in line. It is right up there with kitchen gadgets like the grapefruti spoon and melon baller in terms of tools that will only get one week of use a year. Nonetheless, I love the idea of it all the same.

You can barely walk 5 steps without running into a Glühwein hut at the Christmas markets. I particularly like those that have all kinds of other alcoholic delights like things laced with Baileys and fancy schnapps... then again, I am perfectly happy with me Glühwein so you can take your frothy, whipped cream concoctions and shove... sorry, this is Christmas, so drink whatever you like. Just drink responsibly or else I will send Schmutzli your way come next Christmas.

Button up and head out to the markets this weekend... only 20 more days until Christmas. ;)


Susan May said...

I'm loving the Advent posts. At Sihl City they have a few little Christmas Market-type Huts out in the courtyard - and they have a Weiss Gluhwein that is mighty tasty. You should give it a try. Also, over at the Hotel zum Storchen on the Limatt, you can sit outside and wrap up in these big plushy blankets and enjoy their chef's version - which is first-rate. OK, I'm beginning to think I must be a wino, too.

Swiss Miss said...

Mmm. I love Glüwein. Collected a nice group of mugs from Germany. Who cares if you already have 10 Glüwein mugs. You can always use one more! Looking forward to drinking some more tomorrow with you!

Jessica said...

I completely forgot about collecting the mugs in Germany. I wish they did that here in Switzerland too... I have read about some cities that have a mug but I have not seen any myself yet.

Looking forward to tomorrow too! Jace and I will be there!


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