Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bavarian Noodles... YuM!

Overcast grey day? Little cold outside? Don't want to go anywhere but want to have a nice hearty, warming meal...

How about this? (droooooooooooolllll.......)

Ok, so I did not make this myself, but I felt that the dreariness of today called for a bit of a pick me up by means of some Bavarian noodles and some grilled pork. Gotta love the German's affections for the pig, oh yes, you do.

These noodles were the final highlight of our trip a few weeks ago with Val to Neuschwanstein. They are like spaetzli, but more round as if dropped from a height into the boiling water, forming little cupcakes of dough. These were covered with CHEESE and it was heavenly.

Being lactose intolerant... I know this was danger on a plate... but I live on the edge, baby. Oh yes. And every little bite was worth it. Please make yourself some of these tonight - you can buy a bag of spaetzli at Migros and just heat it up in boiling water, drain and melt cheese over top. Yum.


Bluefish said...

I never seen this before. It looks so delicious.

juanitatortilla said...

Gosh, sounds like an awesome comfort food! A little like Mac+Cheese!!!

Habebi said...

Ohhhh that looks SO yummy. I need to find a recipe and make that.
~Megan (from Tulsa)

Emily Sullivan said...

Danger on a plate is right!


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