Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Costa Cruise Day 2: Savona, Italy

On our first stop on the cruise, we visited Savona, Italy, a medieval town with an interesting history. Actually - the main reason we stopped is because Savona is built on the cruise industry and I believe in addition to being an important port, it is also the major restocking stop. Nevertheless, we took in all Savona had to offer and then retired to the hot tub - but I am going too fast... let's focus.
The highlight of Savona was definitely the Priamar fortress - hard to miss on the ocean's edge, and an opposing site even still today. The fortress was built by the Genoese in 1528 after the city fell into their hands.

A nice picture from the fortress with our cruise ship,
the Costa Concordia, in the background!

To be honest, Savona was never on my list of places to see or go, but it was a nice, little, relaxing stop on our way to bigger adventures on the cruise. It was easy just to walk around and get lost amongst the stone paved streets, the salty seaside and the old medieval buildings.

While trying to waste a bit of time before lunch, we also took a stroll along the beach promenade, thinking about just how lovely it would have been to take a plunge had it not been FREEZING COLD and WINDY... but you cannot beat skies like this, so I just shut up, kept walking, and enjoyed the view...not bad, eh?

Eventually we found our way back to a the cozy pizzeria we had passed a few hours earlier, just in time to be the first for lunch at 12:00 pm, and still the only ones for lunch at 1 pm! Boy they sure do eat late in Italy. But it was completely worth it as these pizzas were divine. And Jace would know - because when he is not searching for the perfect Schnitzel it is all about pizza baby.

Next stop on the cruise after a day at sea, Olympia, Greece! Stay tuned.
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Michemily said...

You spent thirteen hours in that pizzeria, without any other customers? That is doubly impressive. ;)

Jessica said...

LOL. Good point... must be something wrong with the chef. :)

Expat Traveler said...

Oh the photos are incredible. I love all of the hues and tones in the photos. It really makes me want to visit Italy!!! Oh and the pizza, yummy! I'm on FB, will add you in the blog thing..


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