Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite posts from 2008

I know... it is hard to find the time to read and enjoy all 230 of the awesome posts related to living and working in Switzerland that I wrote in 2008. Luckily for you, I am in the mood to share some of my and your favorites, so make a cup of Heisseschokolade and enjoy!
Most read posting of 2008:

Also probably the one that I marketed best... perhaps I should be an online marketer! :)
10 things to do before moving into your new apartment in Switzerland

Most commented post of 2008:
I will have to do more posts like this in the future - everyone loves a good instructional :)
How to use the SBB automatic ticket machines...

Most delicious:
Yumm... I can smell the cinnamon and vanilla sauce as I write this... my gloves are still sticky!
Christmas Advent Day 1: Apfelchuechli mit Vanillesause

Most controversial:
For some reason people pipe up when it comes to their coffee and their money...
Just how expensive is Switzerland? The Starbucks Method.

Most creative:
The Swisstory Christmas Advent... it was fun to do and I have to give myself props. Kudos, Jessica. Well done!
Swisstory Christmas Advent is Over!

First post:
This is what started it all... oh remember when we were young? Remember those days?!
You're moving where?... Switzerland?!

Best story:
I really need to get better at writing more - but I am more of a photo-journalist if you haven't noticed. Nonetheless, everyone likes a good story.
My run-in with a Swiss Army pocket knife

Favorite tip:
'IKEA Zurich' is the fifth most popular keyword that delivers traffic to this site (after 4 variations of swiss and story together...) Nuf said.
HOT TIP! How to save 50% on IKEA delivery in Zurich

Favorite pastime:
Taking pictures of Jace eating Schnitzel... oh if only I have enough toes to count the good times
Got meat? Eating Swiss with Sarah.

Best oddity:
Don't have a cow man... or perhaps you do!
Don't have a cow... Rent One... !

Favorite photo:
For some reason, I absolutely love this photo with the whispy plants, second photo in post. Crazy, I know.
Lugano, Switzerland (Day 2)

Best Jace story:
BTW, Jace loves that I document his life on this blog... NOT. But this one is classic. It has to be noted.
Beers on the train story - Yes, that is SNOW in April!

Proudest moment:
Way to go again Mom!
Ode to My Mom the Prize Winning Photographer

Best of the Must See Series:
Oh there will be more, don't stress... there are more than 8 must sees in Zurich, I assure you.
Zürich 'Must See' #4: The Zurichsee

Craziest event:
By far... very fun. I think we will go this year, too.. and dress up!
Zurich Street Party 2008

Best trip:
Aside from a secret trip that Jace took me on that never got blogged, the cruise is numero 2. Very relaxing. We are considering going on another this year to Spain!
Review of our Costa Concordia Cruise

I got this idea from decor8 who got this idea from Dooce. Two great blogs I read.

The cruise overview will continue next week!
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