Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Welcome back! I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year and that you are ready to go for 2009! I know I am. All the gluhwein and Christmas goodness, and vacation days and snow have done me good and I am ready to roll.

We had a bit of time off before Christmas, and we went on a cruise! I am sure this is news to you because I was devoted to the Swisstory Christmas advent during that time and could think of nothing else. But this week I will highlight all the great trips and adventures we had before Christmas and after, including our Mediterranean cruise and a trip to Bavaria just after New Year.

My mother in law has been with us for a few weeks, enjoying in the adventures as well! Here is a taster of the stories to follow... Can you guess where we have been???:

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juanitatortilla said...

You went to EGYPT?!?
I hate you.

mrsmac said...

tell me all about this cruise- it is definitely on our list! i'm so jealous!

Bluefish said...

I'm so jealous...on a cruise! And all these beautiful places on top of that!

Lucky you!

Would you consider to do a post later on, on interaction with Swiss? The good and the bad?

Take care.


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