Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What doesn't hurt? 1st Day at Snowboarding Lessons

First lesson at Flumerberg... check out that view!!!

Yesterday I had my first snowboarding lesson at Flumserberg Mountain, and as I write this, almost all the muscles in my body are aching and shaking. I can barely hold my head up with my arm. It is so pathetic.
The meeting point...

My awesome board (right)... and the ski lodge in the background.

I have snowboarded before, but it has been a year since I hit the huge mountains near Boston - er, what am I talking about? Huge mountains!?!? Those don't exist. So after a long day of lessons and long runs and trying to do ollies and wheelies - no joke, emphasis on 'trying' - I am exhausted. I hope I can walk to the bathroom later if I need to. Perhaps it is better I put this water aside and concentrate on moving my fingers to type - that a girl. Good work.

The lessons were awesome. I would recommend to everyone that they join the International Ski Club of Zurich and get some lessons next year as they are good value for money - about 220 CHF per person for four lessons, four hours of snowboarding plus lunch each lesson (actual lunch and lift ticket not included but a reduced coupon is)!

I love this. I am the king of the mountain!

Flumserberg is also so close. It is great. Within an hour and a half I was on the mountain, strapping onto the board. That includes the 15 minute ride in the gondola up to the ski area and three connections. Not so bad really for such an awesome view and really good snow conditions (a bit icy but otherwise good). I still can't believe what a nice day it was - totally sunny and quite warm (2 degrees C... but the sun was heavenly...).
I am looking forward to the next lesson next Sunday. If only my body is healed by then...

Ps. Thanks to my new snowboarding buddy for taking the photos of me! :)
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Expat Traveler said...

This sounds exactly like my first experience, but I still really enjoyed it.

But seeing that I do know a bit about muscle fatigue, you are sore because you haven't used those muscles. You will need to use them 3 or 4 times for the soreness to go away for the most part.

Just keep at it and keep trying! I know your body will love you for it afterwards. It's such a great workout!!!

And I can't wait for the pics!

Jessica said...

Thanks! Yeah, I know that is definately it. I need to exercise more inbetween snowboarding sessions.

The instructor also made a good point - snowboarding is one of the few activities that you do for an extended period of time. I would never go to the gym for 4 hours but I would snowboard for 4 hours. Great workout indeed!

Anonymous said...


I mostly admired the beautiful layering and folding of the early-Cretaceous rocks in the Churfirsten mountain range in the background of your photos.

Now guess what my profession is...


Towe and Anders said...

Looks like you had a fab day in the mountains. We are going up this weekend, Flims-Laax or Hasliberg. Can hardly wait, need to get away from the gray weather in Luzern. towe.


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