Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's in my wallet? - Coop Supercard

I figured as long as I am giving out tips on how to save money, I might as well mention the Coop Supercard. Similar to the Migros Cumulus Card, the biggest difference is that the Coop card can only be used at Coop stores or affiliates (resounding duh... ok, I heard it, but it had to be said).

I have to admit, I do most of my shopping at Migros so I have yet to accumulate the big points with Coop, but it works the same-the more francs you shell out the more points you earn and the more unlikely you will be of retiring a millionaire - but you will be more likely to have nice sheets and pans and towels, as Coop also has stickers that you can collect to redeem for reduced price house supplies.

You can apply for a Coop card at the service desk at any Coop supermarket or superstore. Just make noises like this, 'Cooooppp Karrteeee' and they should get it eventually that you want a card - or that you have flown the coop, but 'es ist egal.'

Actually, Susan has a great write-up about Coop points on the Write-On blog sponsored by the Swissinfo.ch news site. Good luck!
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Z said...

Right, for each Franc spent you get one Rappen in credit. For me, the most useful thing is that at the Coop City shops (i.e. non-food stores) you can pay for your purchases with points.

The sticker thing I find not so useful. The items on offer for these stickers are, IMHO, of low quality. Kassensturz even did a show on the kitchen appliances that they had last year. In short: not great deals.

rösti said...

We finally have about 30,000 Superpoints (after only 3 years of shopping! ha!) -- we plan to upgrade our raclette maker and possibly get a microwave. Not exactly a fair deal, but we would have spent the money on food anyway, so...

Honestly the best way to accumulate points for buying things in the catalog or at Coop City is to look for the signs in the stores that show products that give 500 or 1000 points! A couple weeks ago we earned like 3000 points off a couple packets of smoked salmon. Also, when you get a Coop Mastercard, they frequently send you 5x Superpoints coupons. That helps too.

We have bought a few of the featured sticker items, but they haven't been so great. We do love our Pyrex baking dish from the latest sticker promotion however!

rösti said...

PS - here is the online catalog to use your points to buy stuff: http://www.supercard.ch/scin/welcomePage.do?language=de
Or you can get a a paper version in the store.


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