Friday, February 6, 2009

Apfelstrudel - yum x 1000!

While I am feeling generous- perhaps because it is Friday - I thought I would go ahead and post another food related article for the weekend. Everyone loves something a little moorish with vanilla sauce and apples for a Friday pick me up and a push into the gluttonous weekend. And if Jace is the connoisseur of all things Schnitzel, I think I am officially the specialist of Apple Strudel.

While in Vienna, of all places, on a work trip in January, I decided that while I was not hungry enough for dinner, after having eaten this for lunch, that there was definately always room for a bit of Studel, and at a bargain price at the Wiener airport food court with warm vanilla sauce to boot, I was in.
I have to admit - this version was way better than its overpriced cousin at the Sacher Cafe near the check-in area of the airport. Something about the huge portion and the heap of apples did it for me, and I wish I had had a glass of milk to help the entire plate go down. In the end, it was just too much, yet totally satisfying.

Does anyone have a good Apple Strudel recommendation in Zürich?!?!
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Z said...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm by no means an expert on the matter. I do like the version they've been serving at some of the Manora restaurants. Maybe they're not even available anymore. Anyway, they're all warm and soft and huge, and you can scoop on as much or as little vanilla sauce as you desire.

Happy eating!

Expat Traveler said...

I think I am officially the specialist of drooling at your photos! Incredibly salivating! I want some too... :)

You mean you don't want to try McDonalds. lol.. Ok that was a bad joke... Wouldn't Movenpick has something?

Bluefish said...

I have a question: how do Swiss communicate with each other if they don't speak the same language. German speaking Swiss meeting French speaking Swiss, what language do they use?

Expat Traveler said...

Bluefish - probably English... laughs....

Michemily said...

That looks so amazing! I've answered your questions here:

Jessica said...

Hey Bluefish... Expat Traveler is right. It is probably English!

I had an interesting conversation at work the other day in which the woman was speaking Swiss German and when I asked her to switch to high German she just skipped it and went straight to English! I think they are more confident in English than many other languages after their native tongue.

Sarah said...

Um, can you please learn how to make that so that you can do so for me when you come back for a visit?


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