Thursday, February 5, 2009

January Snow Sundays

Oh, you think I look tired, do you? Oh, how nice of you to say so... well, I won't take it personally. Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that some crazy person - um, yes, that would be me - decided to sign up for snowboarding lessons every Sunday in January. While that might not sound very tiring, let's take into account the fact that Flumserberg is about 2 hours from my apartment via train, which means that I had to wake up before 6 am most Sundays, and that I had an instructor that thought it was entertaining to take the group into 142 foot deep powder and laugh menacingly as I cried, "I can't get out! Help!" then struggled for what felt like hours on my back like a turned turtle pointlessly trying to flip over. Ahh the memories.

Regardless, the lessons were worth it and I am over my fear of the Alps. Plus I feel that I got away pretty much unscathed, especially considering the fact that last weekend one of our group members got so frustrated in the powder that he took his snowboard off... and it proceded to FLY down the slopes, into the trees, and over a CLIFF! Of course the rest of the day, I kept threathening that I too had had enough and was going to take off my board to which everyone screamed - NO! Ooh, I am so funny. I crack myself up.

This weekend, you can bet I am going to sleep in... probably until 11. That's right - sloth time. But I hope to hit the slopes again soon! (Ps. I love the photos above that look like we are all about to die... oh such fun.)
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Annie said...

Wow! Sounds like fun, although waking up early-not so much. I'm sure it was worth it though.

Zhu said...

Best way to spend an happy winter is to have fun!

Jessica said...

I agree, Zhu, 100%! Now I just need to motivate myself to get out there now that the lessons are over!


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