Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond obsession... Apfelstrudel


Hello!? Hi, uh, just a quick word if that is ok.... um... Is anyone tired of me writing about my love of apple strudel?


Oh, no one?

Oh. Ok... well then here is another spotting of the infamous apple pastry, this time in Germany.

During a recent trip to Frankfurt for work, we had a team dinner at a really traditional and delicious restaurant called the Schwarzer Stern in the Roemer (main touristy area) district of Frankfurt. After a delicious appetizer of pumpkin soup, with the slightest hint of cinnamon, and a delectable main of veal steak with spaetzli, I was overwhelmed when I saw the dessert come out and my old friend had surfaced again. The light as air pastry and the vanilla sauce with plum reduction really made this high class version a crowd pleaser.

I have not been privy to having apple strudel with BOTH vanilla sauce and ice cream before, but this high class version indeed warranted a bit of famboyance... pehraps hence the additional surprise inclusion of a passionfruit garnish.

TIP: Just remember, if you have the pleasure of eating this apple strudel with said passionfruit garnish with your boss' boss, and your boss' boss' boss... don't tell that boss' boss' boss to try the delicious passionfruit that she has never eaten before, because after a few glasses of wine, the next thing you know -you and the boss' boss' boss will be stealing all the leftover, unappreciated passionfruits from the table, and while savoring this unique and unexpected moment, filling yourself with the unseasonal fruit, you might just tell the boss' boss' boss that you really enjoy the taste and mention that you are amazed at the fruit, and that it is really "boogery..." and then the boss' boss' boss will drop her spoon and say she is done... and you will know that despite all attempts at impressing one's boss' boss' boss, you have just said something that one might consider a 'career limiting move.' Just a tip. You can thank me later.

But, hell... that's what I am here for on the Swisstory - highlighting all of life's deliciousness. Even if some of it is a bit boogery... don't worry though - the strudel was, despite all bittersweet moments, a divine highlight... just skip the passionfruit, ok? ;)


Shaun said...

Nice "tip" description. One of the best things about eating here is Apfel Struedel... agree 100%

Virginia said...

Yum, I'm reading this around dinnertime, and it's making me hungry.

Even as an American I only know the British meaning for "buggery", which is actually a little spoon-dropping. Now I'm all curious. What is the meaning you have for it?

Jessica said...

I think I spelled it wrong before, Virginia. I meant, 'boogery' as in this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dried_nasal_mucus


Anonymous said...

I never get tired of reading anything you write about any of the food in Switzerland . . . or anywhere else. I miss all these things you describe and am learning about some I overlooked!!!!

Audrey said...

I tried to think of a place where use of the word "boogery" wouldn't be career limiting... and I couldn't think of a one. But in your defense, accuracy and detail are both character traits which ought to be encouraged by employers... and describing soggy passion fruit as "boogery" seems to be evidence of both such traits in you! :-P

sarah said...

suddenly i am staaaarving and luncg time is not in sight

thanks a lot



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