Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fasnacht Zürich 2009

As promised, here are the faces of the Zürich Fasnacht. To be honest, I literally bumped into the Fasnacht and decided to stay for the show on Sunday afternoon. The parade was really good - less about the floats in comparison to Urdorf and more about the masks and the bands. And shockingly, it was way smaller than the Urdorf Fasnacht- Urdorf had over 50 entrants, whereas Zurich had a meager 21.

To start, the similarities with Urdorf: the parade started with a group of men carrying big bells (where do I sign up, or rather pump up, for that for next year?!), followed by awesome masks, great Gugge bands and confetti. Lots and lots of confetti. The difference: Zurich's Umzug featured the cultural mix of the big city. Lots of entries from Southern American countries were present, and boy could they dance, in heels, all day long. It was something to see those booties shaking. I am still green with envy. Take me to the Salsa Boat...

I felt like the masked crusaders in Zurich were a little darker, a little more braven, a lot more cheeky than Urdorf - but perhaps the hassling I got had more to do with me being alone on the street, pointing my camera in everyone's direction and asking for attention myself - so it is probably my own fault.

Regardless, it was great to get a double dose of the parade, giving me even greater reason to ask for Fasnacht Monday off next year to make the midnight pilgrimage to Basel... 2010 Basel here I come.

Want more? Here is another, even better write-up from Kerrin on my new favorite Swiss (awarding winning travel!) blog, MyKugelhopf. Enjoy!

Tomorrow - a favorite Swiss treat found on the streets during Fasnacht - and no, it doesn't include confetti.


suess_kaushik said...

Fantastic pictures - absolutely wonderful! And thanks for the link to MyKugelhopf (did not know that blog). I am going to use both of your entries for my class (I teach French and German in a US college, but am from CH) since I was just planning on elaborating on Switzerland's Fasnacht a bit. It'll be so much easier with your stories and amazing pictures! Vielen Dank!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Hi Jessica
(Hmmm... after my German lesson today I have to wonder "do they call you Yessica in German?") Just a quick note to let you know I FINALLY posted the answers to your INTERVIEW ME blog post! Thanks so much for choosing me (among others).
Best Regards!

Kerrin - MyKugelhopf said...

So fun to revisit Fasnacht once again on your site !! With all those crazy faces, you captured them all ! And really cool to be able to compare two different cities and their versions of the parade for sure. I'm telling you, I still keep finding pieces of confetti around my apartment and when I take stuff out of my bag ! Looking forward to tomorrow's confetti-free post then!! :)

Jessica said...

Hello Suess, that is awesome. I would love feedback about what the class thought! Thanks for sharing my photos (all rights reserved... just kidding). :)

And as for calling me Yessica... well, no. Some do. Sometimes I call myself that as I am so in the zone... and then I realize that I have control over that and I switch it back to Jessica. LOL. In German they make my name sound more like 'Jessika' but it is not too bad.


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