Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zurich by Mike

I really liked this cartoon, founds on yesterday - pity I found out about this because the cartoonist passed away at age 52. The cartoonist, Mike van Audenhove, was an American expat that chronicled his life in Zurich through his unique cartoons. Here is an interesting profile of the cartoonist and author. I have seen the "Zürich by Mike" children's books around town actually and always wondered what they were I will definately be picking one up for a read.

Full size cartoon here.


Young Traveler said...

I love Zurich by Mike. Although, I have a confession: I have to read it aloud to understand the Swiss German.

Adrian said...

Oh my, that's so sad to hear that Mike died. I used to love his weekly cartoons. They are so spot on.

If you pick up one of his book you'll probably need some assistance though. His comics normally are written in Swiss German or more specifically Zurich German.


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