Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Swiss Chocolates

Happy Easter!

Following in the footsteps of Kerrin and her Kugelhopf, I decided to take some photos of the lovely Easter chocolate creations available around Zürich, and my wanderings took me straight to Merkur Confiserie on Bahnhofstrasse. Usually the slabs of chocolate and the truffles are what draw me into this chocolate heaven, but during Easter time I cannot help but admire all the lovely chocolate creations. And... let me just say, the Swiss do Easter with the chocolate baskets and the bunnies. OH yes! And they seem to be surprised that we do, too. HELLOO!! We like invented the Easter basket, ok? ;) The Swiss also seem to have a preoccupation with one type of chocolate shape in particular come Easter time - not the egg... not the chick... but... THE BUNNY! I just want to eat all their ears off, they are so scrumptous.

This is a bunny chorus line...

This one is so cheeky. Hi there you cheeky one you. I see your basket! No worth hiding it.

This one and the one next to it are our twins, one is good, one is bad.
I will leave it up to you to decide which one.

This one is just plain evil. Evil and delicious. I hate its red beady eyes.

This one is putting on airs. I think it's the bow.

I feel like this guy would be really annoying and ask "Are we there yet?" a thousand times.
Sorry but I would eat him first.

All of them are so yummy looking. Enjoy the Easter holiday!


eponymousmoniker said...

Delurking to say that as someone who's moving to Zurich within a year, I enjoy reading your blog, and this post especially made my day. You're totally right about the annoying "Are-we-there-yet?" guy. He should be the first to go.

Zhu said...

Oh lucky you! La Suisse is the place to be for Easter - now I'm drooling over your chocolate bunnies pictures....

Kerrin - MyKugelhopf said...

Happy Easter Swisstory !! Hope you are enjoying biting off all those little ears today ! But what's up with that evil bunny - I mean, really wicked !! Who would buy him? I think the last is the cutest, and your caption about him is so perfect! Great holiday post, love it, thanks !!


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