Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 Reasons You Will Hate Me Tomorrow... or how I ate my way through the US

A colleague asked me today how my trip went, and after I told them how great it was to see friends and family and visit home, I also mentioned that I ate my way across the US. After a bit of explaining, he got it, but it wasn't until I checked out my photos tonight that I realized that might have been an understatement.

I think I literally gorged myself across the US... but boy it felt good.

So without further ado... here are 12 reasons you will hate me tomorrow - or a list of those must eat American food items that you should devour should you find yourself on a short stint home, away from Switzerland, back on red, white and blue soil:

1. Steak and Shake burger... and vanilla milk shake. This is my kind of place. There is only one size for the milkshake - HUGE. And I ate it all. And that steak burger still makes my mouth water along with the shoe string fries. Be still my heart...

2. Real sushi... seriously good, seriously fresh, seriously CHEAP sushi. And if it comes to you on a conveyor belt, brownie points for you!

3. Barbecue.... or BBQ... or an entire sampler. I seriously could have eaten this alone. This is from Famous Dave's and on Tuesday's the plate for 2 is just $19.99... Lordy.

4. Pancakes - a stack of them at least a meter high, with chocolate chips. Only in America. I know. I have tried to order this elsewhere.

5. Meat and three and ICED TEA - this is a Southern thing but I am going to adopt it as a personal tradition... hell we already do, Jace calls it Meat and Two Veg, but I like it when there are 3 veggies, especially if one is creamed corn. Don't forget those cornbread muffins either. Just to give you a virtual heart attack - the fried chicken here was delectable and the mac and cheese was smooth and creamy... free refill on all of it please!

6. Southern salad - there is a place called Puffy Muffin in Brentwood, TN and I can't pull myself away from it sometimes... can you say tuna salad, chicken salad, pimento salad, almond poppyseed bread, frozen strawberry salad and and endless glass of ginger iced tea? I can. I said it TWICE. ;)

6 more tomorrow... I thought I better space it out just in case you really, really hate me now. ;) See you then.
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mrsmac said...

ohhhh this makes me so excited for our trip home this weekend!!! i already have a list of foods and restaurants that we must eat/see.

Romy said...

Oh no.. I have a stomachache now!

Expat Traveler said...

I honestly don't miss all of that food, but we probably have lots of it here in Victoria. It does look good, but not so healthy. I also think that is why so many people in the US are unhealthy.

We eat whole wheat everything these days. We did eat out while in California also, but most of the time there was too much food to handle. That I love about Europe....

That sushi dish does look incredible though! I'm also bummed out when I haven't gotten to eat at all of the places I was hoping to eat at though!

Cheesecake was my number 1!

Amy Mc. said...

I love that in the south (or any BBQ joint) when you go for three veggie choices the odds are pretty good that most of the options will not really be a veggie (i.e. mac & cheese) and maybe one of them will be green. Glad that you had a good time eating your way across the US. It is so funny how food is such a comfort thing. I am already planning what I am eating on my next trip back in a few weeks.

juanitatortilla said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting goosebumps from all this food talk?!?

Good gracious, I SO HATE YOU x6 right now.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Please excuse me while I break out in song, "America, the beautiful God shed his grace on thee...."

Young Traveler said...

I just lived vicariously through this post and I loved it. :)

Tanya said...

that sushi makes me laugh :) and also makes me hungry :(


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