Monday, May 4, 2009

I got my new Swiss L Permit!

We got it! Well, at least I have. Who knows where Jace's L Permit is... but I got mine in the mail about 2 weeks ago. It took about a month to receive it in the mail, which was pretty reasonable considering the horror stories some of you mentioned about it taking 3 months to get the renewed permit.

Again, for a recap, here is what we did to renew our L Permit:
  1. Contact your Gemeide about 3 months before the permit is to expire and get the paperwork to renew.
  2. Take the paperwork to your HR department and get them to fill it out and sign off that you or your spouse are still employed in Switzerland and eligible for a renewed permit.
  3. In our case, HR sent the forms back to the Migration Department who then informed the Gemeide that they received everything.
  4. Wait for the Gemeide to contact you, we received a letter telling us to come in, and bring some money, your old permit, and passport for identification purposes. We had to fill out some paperwork as well and sign our names in the box, as the new L permit are like credit cards - all high tech and spiffy. We had the option to hold on to our old permit until the new ones came and we did.
  5. I then received a note from the post office about a month later saying that we had to pick up a letter, and when I did it was a registered letter from the migration department with my new permit.
All in all - piece of cake really. Key take-aways : Start early, and be ready to wait for it to come. We are still waiting, as I said, for Jace's. Strange -especially considering that my permit is dependant on his!

Only 9 more months until I get to do it again. Yipppee! ;)
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Kathy said...

We're still waiting on ours :( Good to know the L permit is not actually mythical.


Young Traveler said...

Excellent! PS, how awesome is that picture?

Jessica said...

Hey thanks, Young Traveler! It is all done with Picasa. :)

Stephersplatz said...

still waiting to get mine...I've been living here about 2 months...


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