Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walnut Liquor from the Zürichsee

Have I told you about the Distillerie zur Schnapsboutique? Oh, I did? Ok, I guess it is pretty obvious that I love this place, as I seem to write about it often:
The big news though is that I finally bought something there - I just didn't go to stare at all the pretty bottles this time. I actually bought some liquor. Finally....! :)

I got the walnut liquor as it is the most local product available at the store (and Samantha Brown talked it up when she visited), made right on the Zürichsee with water from a local spring. Who knows where the walnuts are from... but it was delicious and local. I had a small shot glass size with a big bowl of strawberries about a week ago, yes, strawberries from the Strawberry Man! It is that time again, too.

If you have yet to visit the Distillerie, perhaps you should! I can now say with 100% certainty that the place is a feast for your eyes and your stomach. Here are some additional shots of this great little shop in Niederdorf.

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Expat Traveler said...

wow - now that looks like a very interesting shop, congrats!

Romy said...

Have you been to Vom Fass, Brunngasse 11?

Virginia said...

Oooh, what a great looking bottle, with the dark liquor and red stopper! I've been too, and I can second your recommendation: Really nice woman running things, it was fun picking out the liquor and bottle, and it was only 20-something francs; not bad for an unusual little present.

Stephersplatz said...

Where is that place where you pick the strawberries...that sounds like fun!

Amy Mc. said...

Have you been to Vom Fass ( It looks like a much smaller store that yours, but they have schnapps as well. They also have a small selection of wine and oils.

Shaun said...

I have been past this shop but always closed.... maybe it has something to do with the hours i keep.... I find myself pressing my nose up against the window and drooling at all the "interesting" things inside... I am enjoying your posts more and more lately by the way.....

Jessica said...

Stephersplatz - I pick them in Urdorf. There is a big strawberry field just near Spitzacker, the center of Urdorf where the Migros is. But if you drive around they are pretty much all over this time of year.

Thanks, Shaun. I guess I am on a good streak then! :)

and thanks Romy and Amy. I am going to have to check out this Vom Fass place, too!

Virginia - I picked out the bottle and stopper myself. Glad you like them. I paid extra for the red but it is so cute... And you are right- it would be a great present so long as the recipient wasn't flying with it! :)

Tina said...

MMM.... the few times I have been to Zurich, I always stop there. Now I discovered a Vom Fass in Geneva.

I recommend the apple-cinnamon! Warmed slightly with whip cream is wonderful in wintertime!


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