Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2 - Stereotypical Prague

Day 2 in Prague was much more relaxed. We did a bit of shopping and walking around the city - lots and lots of walking - and took in all things that are stereotypically Czech.

For example - we did some souvenir shopping. It seems that if you are in the market for some typically Czech souvenirs, you cannot go wrong with the following: marionnette puppets, matroyska dolls (Russian dolls but also Czech specialties, like those in the first picture), and decorated eggs. And don't forget the crystal... no pictures of that though.

I just had to take a picture of these marionnette puppets together - doesn't this just scream scandal? And the eggs were amazing but I did not know how I felt about carrying around real eggs (YES! Those are real eggs they decorate! Not wooden!). It would just be a disaster waiting to happen with me...

I believe for breakfast we also went full out and had sausages... scratch that, we had kielbasa. That is right, I tapped into my heritage and roots to ensure we had the really good stuff. Everywhere in the tourist area there are carts full of sausage for you to dig into, and the ladies behind the counter serve you with a smile and ask, 'Sausage, please?'... 'Drink, please?' Ah it killed me.

Here Jace said, 'Yes, pleassssssse!' And it was good.

The other thing that is typical about Prague is that it seems to be the party capital of the East - perhaps even of Europe - and the sin taxes are low and the sin establishments are high. So you can get cheap beer, absinth, cigars, and dancing girls all probably while waiting in line for KFC. Thank you fall of Communism, hello rise of commercialism. So you see a lot of these party limos around town, just begging to take you to a smoky, dodgy establishment where you can no doubt get all that above at cheap prices... Sugar Bar anyone?

Then again, if that is not your style, how about this sweet ride I stumbed into? Talk about a blast from the past.

Prague is also a music center - I believe several famous classical composers are from Prague - anyone want to remind me who? So we took in one of the many advertised concerts on Saturday night and heard some Mozart while the sun went down... if you don't want to pay for a concert, perhaps you will run into a rag time band like this one below, playing on the Charles Bridge.

And finally, as Tina mentioned when I asked for tips before leaving for Prague, do not miss the dark beer. Jeez was it good. It was like molasses and brown sugar and honey and barley all having a party in my mouth... I think. I am not a good beer connoisseur, not like Tina. But I know what I like, and Tina was right. This stuff is GREAT!

So did you get that list of sterotypical Prague things to do? Let me reiterate:
  1. Get a typical souvenir: decorated eggs, marionnette puppets, matroyska dolls, Czech crystal, etc.
  2. Eat a sausage.
  3. Pay your sin tax - or at least bask in the flashiness of it all.
  4. Catch a concert.
  5. Drink some dark beer.

More on the Jewish Quarter of Prague tomorrow. It was very moving and interesting... until then, how about another slideshow?!
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The Antiques Diva™ said...

The Marionette photo is classic!!! I think you could win a photo competition with that one. And the puppets chest is sooo realistic and perky!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

By the way, since we moved to Berlin I've been telling my husband that Prague needs to become our new Paris (last year we were in Paris 5 times but as alas it's much further away now, we wont be there as often this year). You've inspired me to go back to Prague sooner than later... of course, how will I fit it in between August in Italy, and longer term work trips to France, Holland and Belgium this fall! Hmm... a diva's work is never done!

Tina said...

I am so glad you liked the dark master beer! Yummmm... I almost contemplated taking a much longer flight to Spain and layover in Prague just to get my lips on one of those mugs.


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