Monday, August 31, 2009

New must read blogs from Switzerland

Every now and again, I do a bit of a blogroll shout out and I figured it was high time to again spread some of the Swiss blog love around. Here are a few more blogs from expats living in Switzerland that I think you should be reading:

Settling in with the Swiss
Anneliese and André are getting around town and roomba-ing (is that a new word like googling) around... I love the variety of posts on this site, and they are adventureous and fun with their photos and activities - like Feuerbowles at the Zeughauskeller (favorite restaurant!) and how to rent lenses in Switzerland (great tip!).

From A to Z
Kristi and the boy moved from Atlanta to Zürich recently and as Kristi has been in touch with me for months prior to the move, I have been looking forward to her blog for many reasons - 1) her emails were always funny and entertaining and I looked forward to getting them - and the blog is no different 2) their adventures include two Boston Terriers tearing up the town with them (so cute!), and 3) after having met them both this last weekend, the desire for adventure is palpable and they will be traveling up a storm. I cannot wait to follow their adventures!

A Kiwi's perspective of the Swiss - get it - SwitZEALAND?! Ooh, that kills me that I just got that. Ok - this is like a 'Go to' list of where you should travel next in the area with great photos. These places are on my list now - and thanks to Jordan I have a good overview of what to see - Bern and Rheinfalls - OH - And I love this post about 'What is the world coming to'... hoot! And this one for the photos!

TwoFools in Zürich
I think the articles on this blog are spot on - case in point, Kathy tackled Health Care Reform last week and wrote up one of the best, most thorough reviews of the Swiss Health Care system I have read. If you want to understand the system and get motivated to revamp the US system read this post about How Health Care Works in Switzerland.

The Peterhals
Just met this couple over the weekend and I can feel a million adventures coming from them - perhaps even with their little pug, too! I love the name of the blog and the design - perhaps aided by a Google designer - hmmm? :) Deb wrote a great post about making friends in Switzerland and I think she is spot on - the expat network is definately the place to start, and I agree that how quickly you make friends will make or break your experience.

Check out my prior blog roll-calls:
Got a Swiss blog you want to see on my blogroll? Want your blog listed? Comment me!

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Amanda said...

Hey! 2 of those you listed are new to me - thanks for the suggestions. Checked them out and am now following - cool!

SwissTwist said...

Great recommendations, thank you! I'm always trying to find more expat blogs, its so interesting seeing other's takes on what we experience here!

Kathy said...

Jessica, Thanks for the shout out :) Plus cool new blogs to check out. Thanks!

Lulu said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Love your blog shout-out- I also have made many real life friends through blogging and groups for foreigners in Japan.

I am also part of FWC (Foreign Wives Club)- those married to someone of a different nationality to themselves. You might be interested in checking it out- basically it is a forum and I have always found it helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! Really appreciate it. Am now following 2 more Swiss Expat Bloggers!

Jessica said...

Hey bloggers - don't forget to join the Swiss Expat Network if you want more recommendations for great Swiss Expat blogs! There is also a great blog roll on the network full of new blogs to explore!

Join today:

Kristi said...

Nothing like a promo from the God Mother of Swiss Expat blogging soul. You are the best!

Jessica said...


Well go forth and prosper my child. :)

I love to spread da WORD yo. :)

kookykrys said...

Hi! I don't have all that much on my blog, but if you'd like to add it to your list, that would be grand! I had high hopes for it - in fact, I'd love my blog to be just as snappy as yours. Taking care of a toddler sucks just about all of my time and energy, though. Mostly I write about places that we visit in Switzerland, day trips and festivals doable from the Zurich area:

Anneliese Mostert said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for the shout out :-) I'll go check out the other blogs you mentioned over the weekend. Just spent the evening catching up on blog reading!


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