Monday, September 28, 2009

I LOVE Picasa 3.5

I upgraded to Picasa 3.5 a few days ago, and it just finished checking all my photos with its new face recognition tool! And I absolutely love it, because now all my photos can be referenced by person, and I hardly had to do a thing. Here's what you do:
  • Download the upgrade for Picasa 3.5 - this takes all of a few minutes based on your connection speed
  • Picasa will go through all your photos looking for faces and will group those that it thinks are similar together.
  • If it is correct, you accept the group and give it a name - usually the name of the person
  • If not, you ignore the group and/or can put it into the proper group
  • From then on, all new photos are scanned and categorized and if it is unsure about one a question mark displays so you can confirm the new photos... and you have all your photos automatically categorized by person!!! I LOVE IT!
It is totally awesome, because now I have a file with all of the 400+photos of me from this year and one with the 800+ of Jace! I wonder who is the photographer in our family... ;)

Then you can make cool collages of all the photos in the file - like this one above. I am sure there are more uses for this... but all I can think of are all the collages I am going to email people and make them think I painstakingly collected all the photos of them. ;) Or I will save the photos over years and years and send a historical montage. hehe... I just won't be looking at the one of me over the years. Too scary!

What will you do with this cool new feature?!

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Michelle Gilmore said...

What a great idea - I love it!

Bluefish said...

Hi, will I lose the pictures when I upgrade the program?

MP said...

I love it too! The best part for me is having all the pics of my daughter in one easily accessible place. Now when the grandparents want photos it's quite easy to find!

And I never even thought about a historical montage...what a great thing to do on her birthday! (I agree, a historical montage of thank you!)

Jessica said...

Bluefish you won't lose a thing. The photos will always be on your machine. I have upgrade about a billion times now. Go for it!

Audrey said...

Do you ever read Real Life Comics? I swear this guy has cameras installed in my home and is actually writing about MY life and all the techy things my husband gets into... anyway... this one was posted on Tuesday and is relevant! :-)

Jessica said...

Audrey, that is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing. That is funny, as a lot of strange photos were recognized as Jace (or me!) too... it does get a bit annoying sometimes... especially when certain photos of you are recognized as photos of someone else! AHH! :) But I love this comic. I will have to check out more Real Comics. Thanks! :)


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