Thursday, September 3, 2009

Velobörsen (Bike Market) on Sept. 26th in Zürich

As I mentioned yesterday, we do not have a car in Switzerland... and although it would be nice to have one, we probably won't buy one any time soon... we are rebels! We are living on the ohne Auto edge. Boo-ya. That said, I would possibly consider getting a bike if they were not so darn expensive. We live just down the street from a new bike shop, and the bikes that I like are $2,000 and upwards. Yikes! What happened to the $199 bikes from Target, eh?

If I were in the market for a bike though - I would get it at one of the bike markets, like the one coming up on September 26th at Helvetia Platz in Zürich from 9:00-15:00. Juanita did a great write up about this in April... so don't take my word for it. Read Juanita's post about Getting a Bike in Zürich, used or new!

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juanitatortilla said...

The "living in Switzerland" experience is not complete with a bike, seriously!
I'm just shaking my head at how a new bike costs! A month's rent or more!
Maybe I'll get an electric Vespa next, ha.

OMG, I'm laughing at the word verification that I have to enter to file in this comment. It starts with an "F", and rhymes with "Sling".

juanitatortilla said...

Oops, I meant "not complete withOUT a bike". Sigh.

Chantal said...

Love your "living on the ohne Auto edge". I was totally laughing when I read that!

M'dame Jo said...

Well, you can get a cheaper bicycle if you avoid specialized shops and branded bikes.

SportXX, Migros's sport shop has one for 350.-, for example

You may also want to look in Coop Brico+Loisirs or maybe Athleticum.


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