Monday, October 12, 2009

What will you do with your garden?

That is the other most asked question I get now that I am leaving...'What are you going to do with your garden?' I fear that I have become a bit of a green thumb during my Schwebergarten (allottment garden in German) period here in Switzerland... we all know it.

The good thing though about the system here in Switzerland is that I just rented the garden. I rented it indefinitely and would have paid for another year come Spring if we were staying, but as fate would have it, we are not and I will be handing the land back over to whomever the next lucky person on the waiting list is. I will give up my key, and my soil, and get my deposit back... but leave with a lot of good memories...

When I get back to Australia, I have big gardening plans, so stay tuned on the new blog. I love Australia native plants and I intend to go to town in the backyard, creating my own little (dog friendly - or rather dog proof if that is possible!) native oasis... And I intend to get a colorbond/aluminium raised garden bed to try my hand at some fruit and veg in Australia, too. It all comes down to the dirt in Australia - it is really sand - so you have to bring in the good stuff (compost rich and dark), preferably in its own area or pot, which I will do, to make a success of it... and WATER A LOT!

Until then, let's remember the good times, with a few photos of the last weeks of the garden - also when my brother was here and he let me use his fancy macro lens to capture a few shots. Thanks, Nate! A lot of these photos are his. So please contact him if you would like to rip off his work. heheh :)

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