Monday, November 23, 2009

Catch up... the last week!

Our last week in Switzerland is here. I really felt sometimes that this day would never come, and other times I felt like it could not come soon enough. We are stumbling over ourselves and bags (and bags of garbage - where does all this stuff come from?!) and the piles of things to take and things to leave with friends. The week will be filled with movers, cleaners (really expensive ones, too - so the white gloves WILL be coming out), handovers and hopefully a bit of fun and relaxation inbetween. Can we do it? I think so. Do we have a choice? Not anymore! We have left our jobs behind us, the apartment is officially someone elses come December 1st and as of tomorrow our bags will be packed... Bring on Perth!

Last week and the weekend was both really tough and really memorable. Last Thursday at work we had a bowling event, which turned into a quasi going away party, in which I showed off my smooth bowling moves and had a really good time downing the beers and the pints. It was great, too, since it was a work event everyone had to come out - plus there were few surprise guests - Martin, where is that email! - so no one was able to sneak away without saying goodbye.

Moreover, Friday was the big last day at work - handovers and cleaning up are never fun, but the work crew really made me feel special giving me a warm sendoff and one of the best going away gifts EVER. More on that later... actually, I got TWO very thoughtful, wonderful gifts. That in addition to the warm words and cards and I felt completely, totally bummed for leaving everyone here behind. Pity it took so long to make these friendships, but I am so lucky to have met and worked with the people I did. Thanks again to everyone for making the last few days so unforgettable.

The weekend was spent cleaning up and organizing everything to get us to the state we are at now - one in which I feel comfortable that we are not taking anything we do not need (hopefully less cubic space to pay for!) and we are not forgetting anything we need for the first 4 weeks - the minimum amount of time it will take to get our gear to Australia.

I had a great Sunday as well - a really wonderful sendoff from a few friends, which included a trip to Alpamare (I am a sucker for a water slide) and some crazy antics inbetween. ;) Thank you again so much to everyone for making us feel so special and that we will be missed. We will surely be missing each and every one of you - and the spare bed is ready in Perth (well... it will be in 4 weeks!).

This is not my final goodbye on the blog, so don't go anywhere... I have some great Guest Posts coming this week from Kathy and another from Chantal... this is just a little update to say we are still going strong, ready for the big week ahead, and a big thanks to everyone that gave us such a great sendoff. We could not have asked for more!
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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! Perth is amazing. I studied there for a semester in college (from Florida) and went back to do my masters degree. I really loved it.

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Wow, I feel like it's only dags ago that we were giggling with Sebastian at Balthazar Cafe for the Blogger Meet Up and running around the Google offices. And now you're off. How wonderful to see that you have had such special moments your last few weeks here. Enjoy every last day... and lots of good luck to you and Jace for the move ! Bon voyage ! Viel Glück ! :)


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