Friday, April 25, 2008

Culinary Encouragement - "Zwei Grosse"

I left for Boston the day before the big Sechlauten fest last week. It's a big event (you get half a day off work) in which the Swiss burn an effigy of a snowman filled with explosives and how long it lasts determines how long winter will be.

No, I'm not kidding, you read that right, I know! It's way, way better then some silly animal that tells how long winter will last! It ended up raining on the day, so Jace didn't get any photos of the event. But alas, the snowman says summer will be very short. Go figure.

Nevertheless, missing the big event didn't mean I had to miss out on the pre-event yumminess. Jace and I went for a nice walk, being the first non-rainy day of Spring, and we took in the sites and smells of the pre-day madness. They have all kinds of lollies available (licorice, sugar drops, chocolate, etc.), something that looks like a lamington but is instead filled with cream, and whatever those cakes are in the first photo. Naturally, I was wooed by the sugar covered almonds (Gebrannte Mandeln). Ummm, I can taste them now. Too bad Jace didn't get to taste them - sorry babe! We'll be going again next year for sure!

Speaking of food, here's another great Jace moment for all of his fans.

Yesterday, Jace took me out for dinner as it was his first payday. We walked all around town and eventually settled on this place that he said he'd been to the week I was away - a very typically Swiss restaurant. Now it's times like these that I try to push Jace out of his shell and get him to use his German a bit more. Ordering is pretty easy... so usually I'll nudge him to try out a sentence here and there, and more often than not he will just point at the menu or say the name of the food instead of a full sentence.

So yesterday, we sit down at the table and he points in the menu to brag about the HUGE steak he had last week (for 40 francs!) and the lady comes to take our drink order. I'm not quite ready yet so I look at Jace and she looks at him and he looks at me and I think, "Fine, I'll just order him a diet coke... and me a..." but then, what does he do?!

He looks at her calmly says, "Zwei grosse" and motions with his hands to show just how big he really wants the two beers he just ordered and before he can finish she's off and running to deliver.

Jessica (jaw agape...): "What the... "

Jace (nonchalantly): "I just ordered us two beers."

Jessica: "Uh, yeah... I know... I see Heidi over there filling the steins... uh, where'd you learn that, Rosetta Stone?!?"

Jace: "That's how you do it."

I couldn't even respond... that's all I needed to know. The drier the tongue, the better the tongue. Are we seeing a trend with beer yet?! Hummm..

Anyway, we'll take another "zwei grosse" over here please!

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