Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On its way to Antwerp

We just received notice last week that our stuff is on a ship on its way to Antwerp. Actually, I think it arrived there on the 19th. Then we have to wait about 7-10 days for it to travel down to us. I have heard that it could travel by boat for a major portion of the European trek as well but because Jace and I can't agree which city it would come to via boat I have promised that I won't blog about it. If anyone knows and would like to settle the score, that would be great. More than likely it will be by truck, but I do like the idea of our things floating on down to us in Zürich. Don't even think about it sinking... we never want to think about that!

Things are going great here. Spring has sprung and the trees are finally starting to get green and the flowers and blooming. While I was in Boston last week, I took a mental picture of how Spring-like Boston was and I have compared it to here. I will now gloat and say that our Spring sprung way before yours and our trees are way nicer... yeah, take that.

Being in Boston for the week allowed me to sharply compare our new lifestyle with the old - and let's just say that I am really glad that we are here now. We loved Boston, and although it's often touted as a very European US city, let's face it - it is not Europe. The major things that got to me are these... the inefficiency of public transportation, bums asking for 'spare change' on every corner even though their shoes and clothes look way newer and nicer than mine, and the dirty streets. There are some things that I miss though - in general cheap food and Starbucks (although you may be paying for it in the poorer quality), more buying power in general (thank you poor performing US dollar), and the multicultural crowd.

Now if only I could find those old fashioned donuts from Starbucks in Zürich... um, thank you Boston for those 5 extra lbs. I brought back! Yum...

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Filip Tufvesson said...

Just for the record; I'm reading your blog... :-) And I second your thoughts on what's wrong with Boston. Add to that lame-o nightlife.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it was Drupal that he initially wanted to use, I think.


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