Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily routine in Zurich

This morning I got up early and walked Jace to work. He had training nearby today so he didn't have to take the train in to work. I wake up early because I like it and because it gets me up at a reasonable hour so that I don't feel like a college dropout. Plus, it's lovely in the morning. The morning light is especially beautiful because you can really see the mountains in the distance south of Zürich more clearly. I took this photo today.

After I walked him around the lake, I stopped by the Burkliplatz Market on my way back to the apartment. I wasn't feeling well enough to take some photos but there were lots of lovely things there (flowers, plants, cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables, etc.) and I'll definitely take photos next time.

My daily routine has now become as follows:

8 - 9 am : Walk Jace to work/Bahnhof and run errands on the way back

9 am - 10 am: Update blog and read blog subscriptions, read Zurich yahoo group, drink at least 3 cups of Lipton Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar using ingenuiTEA, eat yogurt with berries or fruit flavored quark

10 am - noon: Apply for jobs, write correspondence or interview depending on the day. (So far some good prospects...)

noon - 2 pm: Small adventure - only small for now because I'm getting over this cold... so I've done some really fun things like transfer money, find the post office, go grocery shopping (or set up online shopping lists for later!), etc. It's fun how small things are adventures when you're in a foreign place!

2pm - 6pm is usually unplanned... but since I am on the job hunt, I am usually researching or applying for things. If anyone has any hots leads in Zürich for an online marketing specialist, send them my way!


Swiss Ms. said...

Sounds familiar! : )

Although you probably won't have this problem living in Zurich, we had to institute a "no dinner before 19:00" rule for ourselves, or else our evenings got so long that we sometimes unconsciously ended up in bed before anyone, including the retired and the elderly, can go to bed without an excuse.

Adjusting is tiring, though, I do grant. Nice that you already know German! Good luck in the job hunt.

Mike Amaral said...

Jess, glad to hear that you and Jace are doing well. All of us at JH definitely miss his wit and "non-US" perspective on things! DidJooNohYooKinDhinkBeeerOnnaTrane?


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