Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes, that is SNOW in April!

When I walked Jace to the Bahnhof this morning, we were dumbfounded that not only was it freezing cold, but that there was snow on the cars, grass and mountains in the distance. Yes, it is April and that is snow. (Click the image to enlarge)
The hills of Zürich's west - covered in snow, in April.

I went out early with him, despite having a cold still, so that I could help him get a new weekly pass. I am feeling pretty confident with my German lately - watching TV shows and understanding the whole plot and dialogue exchange, calling the Migration department to ask a few questions, interviewing in German, etc. But, as oftentimes happens, as soon as I asked for a new weekly pass for Jace, the gentleman at the counter switched to English and pretended as though I had never attempted German... Pet peeve you say? Yes, yes indeed. I would say that.

No doubt they're just being helpful because all Swiss seem to speak impeccable English. But not all Swiss are so. Jace's work actually goes out of their way to make sure that their international staff learn German and learn Swiss culture. Amen to that I say. Jace is really coming along too, and he'll start lessons any day now through work. So far he really enjoys the Swiss culture, for example, here's the exchange we had on Friday night around 11:30 pm.

Scene: Jace rings bell and door opens ajar.

Jace: "Dij jew know that you can drink beer on the train here?"

Jessica: "Um, no, no I had no idea."

(Door is pushed open, coat is dropped, bag is dropped, beer is presented.)

Jace: "Here you want some? Did you know you can drink beer on the train?"

Jessica: "So I hear... "

Jace: "Well, you can. It's not illegal or anything. Everyone is drinking their beer on the trains... I told my mate, 'No, no we can't go on the train with the beer and he said it's ok and then when I got on the ticket guy stared and me an' I waved the beer at him and it was ok. It's not illegal or anything. I love the Swiss.... ' "

(Here's the culprit now!)


Sarah said...

OMG, hilarious! Laughing aloud at the office now. Way to adapt to the culture, Jace!

Val said...

Hi Jess - you can take the man out of the country but you can't take the beer from the man.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything about the launch of The Ski Channel? Last I heard it was suppose to launch in the Fall of 2008.


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